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Have you experienced the following?..

Haven't found a proper method. You have followed and read tons of information and yet you havent found the right formula that you can follow and is the right fit for you. You are stuck and you do not know how to continue.

You get satisfied the way you currently are. Because you do not achieve any results you get content with your overweight. Actually what is happening is that you are losing your motivation.

Overload of information. In one magazine you read that a low-carb diet is good for you, in another you read that it is the worst thing possible for your body. What can you eat and what not. You want a plan that is simply and easy to follow.

Delaying your plans. You are putting off your vacation or that new wardrobe upgrade because you want to lose weight first. But you delay your visits to the gym, pool and running track every week.

Do you find yourself in any or all of this? If so, good. You are in the right spot.

You Can And You Will Lose Weight. If I Can Do It, You Will Definitely Succeed.

What it takes with most diets to achieve in 3-6 months. You will achieve in 3 Weeks. It is very easy to follow yet many people are not implementing it. You will see results including:

  • More energetic and positive
  • Clothes will fit better
  • Faster metabolism
  • Less pain in your joints and muscles
  • Lose 8-13 lbs in the first week
  • Improved skin and hair quality
  • Guaranteed Weight Loss
  • And a lot more!!

Learn The Real Truth Behind Dieting and Staying Fit.

Have you followed and believed the following sayings of the big evil companies?

NUMBER #1: "It Takes Time To Lose Weight And You Can Only Do It In The Gym."

This is one of the biggest marketing tricks I have ever seen. This only has one purpose i.e., to keep you paying $50+ a month for the gym membership and a "personal trainer" who will "personally guide" you. Weight loss is all about having the right mindset and principles. Going to the gym 6 times a week and still eating donuts on the side is not going to help you with losing weight. What you will learn is all within healthy limits and you can apply these techniques over and over again once you mastered them.

NUMBER #2: "Excercising For 1 hour Or More Is A MUST"

This again is a good trick of the evil companies to let you spend more time in the gym. Why? With everyone being so busy it is actually very easy to spend more than 1 hour in the gym. However, once your motivation goes down you will find it harder and harder to keep up with those weekly visits to the gym. Eventually you will give up and you have spend more than $200 on gym fees. The trick with efficient and smart training what I am about to show you is easy to implement and hold on. I will show this to you in just a minute,

NUMBER #3: "It Is All About Following Diets"

Diets are a good to follow for a short period and never to look back at it again. Throw it out of the window. The majority of the diets let you starve. Why do these starvation diets don't work? Because as soon as you finished the diet you will fall back in your old routine and get back even more weight. Secondly, you are searching for something that you can apply over and over again and at any time when you want so. These diets you can not follow for a long period. Why? Because that would be unhealthy. Some diets let you starve all the way. Do you want to starve the whole time? Or do you want to enjoy your life and still eat all the good things? You can do that with the smart eating that I am about to show you.

Your content here...

"I bought the program last night and I am flabbergasted by the content. It is like having all the necessary and essential information in one place and I can access it whenever I want.

This program would have saved me TONS of energy and time years ago and I am sure it will save me time and energy in the future.

I love the different kind of guides with all kinds of information. I will use this as much as I can. Thanks!"


"A lot of my friends are stuck thinking OHHHH I want to get my old body back but don't know where to start. I tell them that they have to see this program. It is fantastic! As a matter of fact I think that every woman should have this, just to see what is not working for them currently.

It is really a great source of information and I am happy that I found it!


I Help My Readers Beat The Odds With The:

20 Rules of Losing Weight Program

Guaranteed Weight Loss Results 10-23 Pounds in 3 Weeks

The Fit System
the 20 rules of losing weight by the fit system
20 rules of losing weight

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20 Rules of Losing Weight

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"I bought Marianne's Challenge and found it even as an avid health freak extremely helpful. I was one of the first to buy the program and Marianne again didn't disappoint me.

When I started to go "all healthy" I wish I had found this resource first. In stead I paid for more than $600 on gym fees and materials. Marianne is offering the all of this for 1/20 of a fraction of this!

The principles and guidelines in this program are essential for anyone that wants to change their lifestyle. I highly recommend this to everyone!"


"I enjoyed this program and the material a lot. Even though I work-out three times a week I still learned a lot and made me look at things in a different perspective.

I discovered superior ways to be more efficient in my daily life and health and get the most out of my body.


I Already Did All The "Hard Work And Lifting"

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My research backed Guides and materials are already tested, proven and re-tested by my family, friends, and clients in the real world. Each day these guides help to build another success story. And Today I'm ready to help you!

So get ready to...

  • Find the motivation to workout
  • Get fascinating insights on how top athletes succeed
  • Lose fat in the upcoming period
  • You never need another fitness, diet or plan again
  • Put an end to starvation dieting
  • Lose weight instantly within the first 7 days
  • And much more!

Here is an Overview of What is Inside the Package

Get Ready to Adopt a Lifestyle that Doesnt't Feel Like a "Diet"

Including Workouts that You can Do Everywhere and Anytime within 30 Minutes

20 rules of losing weight

20 Rules of Losing Weight Main Guide

Learn all you need to know about losing weight. You will not need another book or program on weight loss. A full 3 week challenge where you will see instant results after the first 7 days.

  • -Supplement and nutrition tips to lose weight faster
  • -Lose 8-13 lbs in your first week with NO of exercise
  • -Guaranteed Weight Loss

In this challenge you will learn all you need to know about weight loss. The facts, myths and lies revealed. Learn how to lose weight instantly with a proven structure and methods. A lot of information, but it is important that you'll understand it.

Diet Plan + Meal Plans

No need to starve yourself anymore to death with this type of knowledge. Learn how to love the right foods and cleanse your body for optimal weight loss results. You will learn

  • -Simple and effective methods on what to eat and when
  • -3 Stages for Faster Weight Loss Results
  • -How to maximise your time and get the right approach

The diet plan consists of three phases. In Phase 1 you will cleanse your body and detox. Phase 2 is all about getting your body in the right balance and Phase 3 is to personalise this with your own goals. Information in this guide has sold alone for more than $200.

the 20 rules of losing weight by the fit system

Inspiration Guide

From simple tips to strategies of professional athletes. I'll describe multiple inspirational strategies that I'll be willingly to put my money one.

  • -Habits and Mindsets of Successful people
  • -How to make sure you'll stay motivated
  • -Live a healthy and successful life!

This is the finishing touch to the program that makes it risk free. If I can't help you with this program to lose weight then it won't cost you a single penny.

If No Results It Won't Cost You a Single Penny

20 Rules of Losing Weight

You Will Be Given Instant Access (Money Back Guarantee if No Results)

When You Order Today, You Will Also Receive The FREE Bonuses ($130 Value):

Bonus #1

Work Out Plan

Optional to do the work out plan. Not necessary to achieve the 10-23 Pounds of Weight Loss. It will only accelerate it.

At home work out plans that you can do at your convenience. Easy, fun and do-able in 30 minutes.


Bonus #2

Daily Checklist

We often make mistakes because we are not aware of our actives. Stay focused with the daily checklist and you can take this with you wherever you go.

All the necessary steps in a single overview. Your best friend during the weight loss program.


Bonus #3

Progress Tracker

Track everything that you do. A single yet effective tool that will help you accomplish your goals. 

Clients are a big fan of this clear overview this tool gives. You can print it out and hang it where you want.



Hello There! I'm Marianne Schwartz, founder of TheFitSystem. Like you, I am a fanatic who is all into about self-development and growth. It's very demanding and hard work in the beginning but in the end it is all worth it. I do it for everyone who battles with overweight, because I also faced that a couple of years ago. That's why when I meet a client, I see myself.

I started with this blog after I had my second child and got back from being obese. Through lots of trial and errors I succeeded and till this day I keep my body in shape. Just as I would do if it was a brand new car. During these years, I learned a lot about the humand mindset and the capabilities of our own body. The 20 Rules of Losing Weight resembles my way of offering my years of experience and my point of view on living healthy. I endlessly admire people that keep their body in shape the whole time. Such as models, athletes and artists. I study them as if I were their number #1 fan and that is one way of how I continue to keep learning.

I have worked hard on this guide and ​I am proud to offer it to you. I have made sure that it is free of difficult terms, easy to follow and implement. Even if you are busy. This I understand perfectly when you have your family and job to take care of. I merged all kinds of best practices together that is in your best interest. It's the most direct and simple program you'll find. I'm so excited for you to try it.


There's never been a better time to get started. And there's never been a better resource to help you get started the right way. Right now is the time to take action, but only you can do that.

Get the package at this price before the price goes up. The package is well worth $97. Everything you need is included.

20 Rules of Losing Weight

I can honestly say that your program has been most helpful to me. I am still reading a lot and studying and I am not done yet!


I finished the program and extra materials and have learned a lot. I am happy that I found your blog. It has a lot of value, are very informative and is very easy to absorb!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this program. I gained new insights and developed strategies. I was overwhelmed with all the wrong habits I practiced every day.

Your direct approach and easy to grasp theories felt for me as if you were accompanying me in every step of the process. There have been many situations where I thought of the thinkings of the program and applied it into practice, or that I noticed it in daily situations.

I'm loving it and already recommended it to several friends, keep it up! Great job!


I am learning new things on a daily basis because of your program. I will keep on continuing implementing all your recommendations!

Thank you for putting this all together. It made my life much easier and since then I am also much more happier.


Thanks for all your help. I have learned so much and constantly referring to it every day.


Like every successful person, you need to take yourself out of the comfort zone and do things where you won't be comfortable with. So that is why I thought to move the restrictions and offering you a risk-free program.

Give the 20 Rules of Losing Weight a good, honest try. If it doesn't work for you, tell me within 30 days of purchase and I will refund your money - no strings attached.

Note that this guarantee works on the honor system. Please don't abuse it. That is like neglecting your own health and asking for a refund. That's just unworthy  for both accounts.

Any Questions?

I want to lose weight, but is this the right plan for me?

If you ever said to yourself "I am ready to do anything to lose weight" you need to ask yourself: "if it is worth to give up less dan $1 per day to lose immediately weight in your first month?" I would say it is worth it. When you click on the button below and spend just $47 for the complete 20 Rules of Losing Weight Program, you give up just one half of a cup of coffee at Starbucks. And what do you get in return? Healthy fundamentals and a strategy plan that you can stick to for your life (not to mention your perfect body and being positive everyday!)

Why is the 20 Rules for Losing Weight not available for hard cover?

Making a hardcover for every single eBook of the 20 Rules for Losing Weight package would cost $93. That's too expensive and I wanted to make sure that everybody could enjoy the whole package. So that's why it is in an easy to access PDF eBook.

I haven't worked out in a while. Is the 20 Rules for Losing Weight the right option for me?

For sure! You will find detailed explanations and photo's for every step in the program that are easy to understand. If you are complete new to working out or if you have some experience with working out could pick out this program, begin and get fantastic results

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20 Rules of Losing Weight

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