21 Natural Weight loss Remedies

By Marianne Schwartz | Weight Loss

21 weight loss remedies

21 Natural Weight loss Remedies

Losing weight naturally means that you need to pay attention to the most important factor.

Which is your eating schedule and habits.

There is also the expression that comes from France: “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are”.

Well Brillat-Savarin didn’t meant to take their quotation literally, but in some way there is some to it.

Often people are looking for ways to get as little as possible calories inside, but this will only lead to the well known yo-yo effect.

Natural Weight Loss Remedies

The important thing is “to know what for calories you are eating.”
Eating less won’t be very efficient as well.

This is because you will not feel comfortable due to the hunger feelings and the lack of energy.

Also a higher muscle mass means that you will be burning fat at a higher rate.

If you eat less your body will miss a certain amount of important nutrients that your muscles need for recovery and growth.

21 Best Natural Weight loss Remedies an Overview

natural weight loss remediesEggs
Eggs are high in protein and this will make you feel full for a longer period. In that way you’ll be less tempted to overeat, and you can easily lose weight in a natural way.
Beans promote the production of cholecystokinin. This is a hormone which suppresses hunger in a natural way. Beans also reduce your cholesterol and makes sure you lose weight naturally.
Leafy vegetables
Leafy vegetables are full of fiber and provide a fuller stomach feeling than many other vegetables because of the many moisture what’s inside. They contain nutrients that support muscle health. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.
Cucumber consists 90% of water and therefore contains almost no calories. Cucumber is a vegetable that you have to chew on heavily. This promotes a more satisfied feeling, so you still get a full feeling and it will be more easy to lose weight naturally.
natural weight loss remedies


Ensure make up for balanced blood sugar levels. Therefore, you will have less craving for sweets and therefore lose weight faster.

Nuts contain a lot of fat, but this is precisely the good unsaturated fat we need. They also contain a lot of fiber and protein.Thus, they make you quickly feel full and this is the therefore ideal snack.

Nuts also contain high levels of vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Examples of the best nuts are almonds, macadamias, walnuts, cashews, pecans, hazelnuts and coconut.
Fatty fish
Fatty fish, especially salmon, tuna and mackerel have omega-3 fatty acids. This super healthy fats stimulate your metabolism and thus you can easily lose weight naturally.

Oatmeal is packed with the best carbs and good fiber. This causes your blood sugar level to remain constant, so you can lose weight much more easier.
natural weight loss remediesQuinoa
Quinoa contains a lot of protein. In addition, quinoa is known to create more muscle mass and therefore you burn your fat faster.

Quinoa has little calories and you only need to consume a bit for powerful results.



Grapefruits (and to a lesser extent, other citrus fruits) contain a special enzyme that stimulates digestion. This enzyme ensures that fat molecules burn faster and accelerates the metabolism.

Pears (and to a lesser extent, apples) are full of fiber and water. Therefore, pears give a feeling of fullness after eating. Also, they have a  natural sweet and the sugar balance, so you have less craving for sweets and you can easily lose weight naturally.

Berries are full of antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E. These are anti-inflammatory, which is useful for metabolism. In addition, they are working for lowering your cholesterol and protect against multiple diseases, such as cancer.

Lean meat
Lean meat is packed with protein. Proteins consist of amino acids. Especially the amino acid ‘Leucine’ is very important because it makes you muscles to remain intact. More muscle means a higher metabolism which will help you lose weight better.

Chicken breast
Chicken breast is remarkably lean. Thereby contains chicken in relatively few calories and you can easily lose weight naturally with chicken breast.

Red pepper
Red pepper contains ‘Capsaicin’. This helps to suppress the appetite.

Soup has a lot of moisture and are low in calories which helps with natural weight loss.
natural weight loss remediesGreen tea
Green tea provides a slightly significant natural increase in body temperature. Because the body wants to cool down after this, you will burn extra calories to achieve this. In addition, green tea has a soothing effect on the human body, causing stress to reduce significantly.
Olive oil
Olive oil contains a lot of unsaturated fats that helps to break down stored fats in the body, making it easier to lose weight naturally.
Cinnamon makes your insulin rise more slowly so your body stores less fat and you can easily lose weight naturally.

Vinegar helps to control your blood sugar, so you’re less likely to eat sweets.
natural weight loss remediesChia seeds
Chia seeds are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which stimulate metabolism. Therefore, using only a bit of Chia will already make you feel full. In addition to these 21 foods that naturally will make you lose weight, drinking water is of course very important.

Drinking not a lot of water causes wastes not fast enough to be discharged from your body.

Natural Weight Loss Remedies – Water

So drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Tea, coffee and juices are counted, but not always work as purifying the water. Moderate with soft drinks and try as much as possible to avoid alcoholic beverages.

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