7 Reasons Why Coconut Oil is Good For Weight Loss

By Marianne Schwartz | Weight Loss

Why Coconut oil is good for weight loss

7 Reasons Why Coconut Oil is Good For Weight Loss

Ever tried to lose weight?

A diet usually only helps temporarily.

In this article I will cover a food product that is known by lots of people, yet a lot of people don’t know its benefits or underestimates its health benefits.

Coconut Oil is a good food when it comes to prevent obesity and lose weight in a natural and efficient manner.

How can Coconut Oil help to prevent obesity or to lose weight faster?

A low-carb diet helps better than a low-fat diet. Several tests have demonstrated this in more detail. Carbohydrates provide for fluctuations in your blood sugar.

Fats and proteins have no effect on blood sugar fluctuation.

In other words, carbs make you regularly crave for food.

1.Coconut oil helps to prevent obesity or to get rid of excess weight.

Coconut oil gives a faster satisfied  feeling than proteins or carbohydrates. Adding coconut oil to a meal, creates satiety.

You’ll stop eating sooner.

And in between 2 meals you have less hunger cravings “because raw coconut oil helps to level out the blood sugar.

In other words, by adding coconut oil to your meals you’ll stop eating faster and you get less hungry.

2.Coconut oil gives you energy and saturation and doesn’t store any fat.

Most fats are digested in your gut.

If you get these fats in your bloodstream through the intestines, then your body will try to store these fats.

Most fats that you eat will be stored in body fat.

Coconut oil-fats are largely different. They are called MCT (medium chain fatty acids).

They go directly from the intestines to the liver.

The fatty acids in raw coconut oil hardly need digestion.

The liver converts these fats directly into energy. After a meal with cold-pressed coconut oil, you have instant energy.

You feel more active and you’ll notice this in your waistline.

3.Coconut oil makes you more active, so you’ll burn more calories.

Coconut oil requires very little amount of work in the digestion process.

Your body therefore does not need to put a lot of energy in digesting the coconut oil.

With animal proteins or fats the opposite is the case.

Thus, you feel more energetic after a meal with coconut oil. More energy means more active.

More active means that you’ll be burning more calories after each meal!

4.Coconut oil boosts metabolism.

Coconut oil activates the metabolism and stimulates thus indirectly the burning of calories.

This works up to 24 hours after a meal with coconut oil. Your body weight will reap the benefits.

5.Coconut oil improves the function of the thyroid gland.

A slow or malfunctioning thyroid gland can slow the metabolism causing many women and men to be naturally thicker.

A healthy thyroid gland makes it easier for you to reach the perfect waistline.

6.Coconut oil improves hormone balance.

Fat-free diets disrupt hormone levels.

A low-fat diet is playing a dangerous game with your hormones.

If your hormonal balance is out of balance then that means that your body weight is also out of balance. Both underweight and overweight can be the result of that.

Coconut oil improves hormone balance.

Coconut oil helps to achieve or maintain your ideal weight.

Harvard Medical School has conducted several studies on the relation between coconut oil and hormones. 

7.You’ll earn the benefits of using coconut oil by seeing improvement in your body

Why Coconut oil is good for weight lossA meal without coconut oil makes you lose weight less than the same meal with coconut oil.

In other words, even if you add extra calories in the form of coconut oil, you will achieve a better result.

Provide for protein and coconut oil, both an important factor in your diet …. and coconut oil will be a good friend!



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