8 Foods That You Should Never Eat

By Marianne Schwartz | Healthy Living

8 Foods That You Should Never Eat

8 Foods That You Should Never Eat

  1. A Snack That Only Contains Carbohydrates

If you eat only crackers, cereal, bread or rice cakes, your body converts the carbohydrates into simple sugars and it comes directly into your bloodstream.

In response to the next sugar rush your body will produce extra insulin, which helps your body to absorb the sugars as soon as possible.

The problem: You end up with a low blood sugar and hunger.

You are then tempted to reach for sugar-rich products without nutritional value, to meet the need for immediate energy. A bad idea that leads to bad continuous habits

Now it is not true that carbohydrates are completely off-limits. But grab snacks that have a combination of carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins. These will take longer to digest and therefore this your hunger will be more satisfied.

For instance, try snacking on a slice of bread with peanut butter or whole grain crackers with low-fat cheese.

  1. Frozen Meals – 8 Foods That You Should Never Eat

Food manufacturers often add tons of sodium (a natural preservative) in frozen meals, as to extend the durability of the fresh food.

8 Foods That You Should Never EatBecause of the huge amounts of sodium, you will feel bloated and doesn’t make you look good, regardless of how much you weigh.

When are making such a frozen meal they also try to provide for enough calories so that they can label it as a worthy evening meal. All in such a small box, you can be assured that every bite contains quite some calories.

But because it looks so small, your brain is deceived and thinks you aren’t full yet, thus after such a high-calorie meal you are still hungry and you will reach out for more food.

So avoid these frozen meals as it can.

  1. High-fiber snack bars

Yeah, everyone should eat enough fiber. It keeps your digestive system on track and helps you feel full, even if you try to eat fewer calories.

However the last thing that you need is 25 grams of fiber packed into one bar.

Your fiber intake should be spread throughout the day, to improve digestion and avoid that your stomach gets upset.

So eat fruits and vegetables, and spread it over the day.

  1. Processed “Low-fat” food

Various studies show that people on processed low-fat things eat 30 percent more food in a day than when they eat things that are not low in fat. The problem (in addition to more food) is that when manufacturers remove fat from food, they thus add a lot of flavor to the food.

To compensate, they often add a lot of extra sugar increases again, making the product even more unhealthy for you.

Therefore stop eating processed low-fat foods.

  1. Juice – 8 Foods That You Should Never Eat

It takes some oranges to make a glass of orange juice on average, and when you drink you’ll get all the calories from those oranges inside, but not the fibers. Even with juices that consist of 100 percent fruit, will not get you all the fibers inside, but only the “empty” calories and sugars, making your blood sugar soars again

  1. Artificially Sweetened Drinks

Say goodbye to diet soda and any other sweet tasting drinks that contain the mysteriously zero calories.

Some brains are triggered to eat more when they get artificial sweeteners inside. If drinking a light-drink leads to a bucket Ben & Jerry’s, then you better put the drinks away and start drinking water with lemon.

Also a good substitute: sparkling water. It is calorie-free and soft, giving you a full feeling and thus you will end up eating less.

  1. Breakfast Cereals or Corn Flakes in a Large Container

8 Foods That You Should Never EatPeople eat 22 percent more food when they get a big package, according to several studies. If people know that there is more food available, they eat unconsciously more. The same goes for discount on food: you are more likely to consume more, so you eat more.

That does not mean that you only have to buy expensive food, but look closely at your portions and listen to your body when you are hungry.

Never eat out of the package itself, because then you have no clear overview on how much you’ve eaten.

  1. Alcohol – 8 Foods That You Should Never Eat

8 Foods That You Should Never EatActually very simple and everyone knows it, but really important: stop alcohol if you want to lose weight. Alcoholic drinks contain empty calories and you get nothing of nutrients inside, so you once more going to eat. Think of midnight-snacks such as pizza or french fries.

And it gets worse: when alcohol is in your body, your body sees it as a toxin that has gone, so then that the top priority of your liver. When your liver goes into fashion hardcore detox, fat can not break down as well.  

If you want to lose weight, stop drinking alcohol Or cut down anyway.

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