8 Lazy Woman Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight Efficiently

By Marianne Schwartz | Healthy Living

8 Lazy Woman Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight Efficiently

8 Lazy Woman Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight Efficiently

The primary reason why I got (and was) overweight was because I was lazy and I still am.

The thing however is that laziness is not a bad thing…

Laziness frequently happens with people that are kind of smart and think that they know it better.

This is basically because you try to find shortcuts and hacks instead of the original method/way, saving you TONS of time and energy.

However, you might find yourself on the wrong side of laziness if you think that you know it all and better, and finding yourself gaining weight or struggling at your work.

When it comes to staying healthy & fit, I found some Lazy Woman Tips that are excellent in losing weight fastly and to retain your body in the best shape (EVER)!

You’ll always have those days that you are not in the mood for your healthy eating and sporting habits.

Most of the days I just feel like not doing a thing at all.

That’s why I like these Lazy Woman Hacks. I do these to remain fit and continue with my healthy lifestyle, but rather in a very efficient way!

Will you lose 20 pounds with this overnight?

Absolutely not. But what you rather will have is that you’ve built a healthy set of habits that will help you to lose 20-30 pounds in the course of 3 months.

1.Avoid Drinks with Sugar!

Whether you are one of those people that drinks sugar with their tea (and not tea with sugar..), or if you love to drink carbonated drinks then just think of the fact that this is by far the easiest way to make yourself extra fat.

Instead drink some water that will help you to lose weight. If you do so, you just saved your body from a whole pack of sugar a day.

2.Track Your Water Intake

If you are not used to drinking water all the time. Start out with this. It will help you remind how much you need to drink and it will easily become a habit.

3.Prepare your Meals


Preparation is key. You can control your own input of what is going inside your body.

Besides it will save you tons of money. Get your container!

You win on two aspects, your wallet and your waistline!

4.Eat Mexican Food

8 Lazy Woman Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight Efficiently

I noticed that when I was in Mexico, I lost a tremendous amount of weight instead of gaining it. Even though I was eating like a pig, it seemed I was getting skinnier.

The secret?

Tortillas only contain 50 calories and you can buy them at Wal Mart.

Add some avocados with salt and voila, you have a healthy snack and meal.

You can also add all kinds of vegetables to get yourself a decent meal.

5.Limit your Sitting Time

8 Lazy Woman Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight Efficiently

You already sit at your work, in the car, in front of the television… Take some breaks during the commercials or do some squats in between. This will do wonders!

6.Drink a Glass of Water before Every Meal

8 Lazy Woman Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight Efficiently

Water will help you to lose weight and prevents you from being dehydrated. By drinking water before you go and you’ll also make sure that you will eat less during the meal itself. Wonderful, isn’t it?

7.Use Small Bowls, Plates and Cups

8 Lazy Woman Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight Efficiently

This is one of my favorite life hacks. By having a small plate, you make sure that you get less inside.

You are more likely to fill up the whole big plate and just eat everything what’s on it, even if you are full.

Trick your mind and help your body with this hack.

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