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Nov 30

Must Know: Fitness & Nutrition Fact Guide

By Marianne Schwartz | Healthy Living


Probably you’ve read that professional athletes follow a special diet customized in order to deliver top performance.

Healthy and good food is not only important for professional athletes, even if you are not doing any intensive sport, this can help you to achieve the goals you want to achieve in a much simpler way.

1.What happens in your body when you exercise?


As soon as you begin to intensively move your muscles, your heart and lungs are more active than when they are in idle mode: your muscles will be contracted more and more powerful, your heart beats faster and you begin to breathe faster and heavier.

In addition, your body will perspire more to carry the heat that is released during the exercise, so that your body temperature is not too high.

Additionally, during intense exercise microscopic tears arise in the muscles, which can sometimes lead to muscle soreness.

As you read the above, you might think that exercising is healthy, but the bare truth is that it is far from very healthy…..

Regular exercise is essential to include to keep you in shape, prevent obesity and protect yourself against various diseases and disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, an imbalance in hormone levels and stress.

During these kinds of intensive exercise, your body mainly needs both proteins, fats and carbohydrates and vitamins, minerals to let your muscles recover and grow and to regulate fluid balance.

2.What Sport is Best for What time?


Especially if you have the work out you are doing is very intensive.

It is also important to get the right nutrients at the right time, so that you can optimally prepare your body for the physical activity during and after exercise:

  • Before you exercise: The best thing is to go and work out right after you get up, but this is the hardest thing to do. After you had your breakfast. You need to wait at least 1.5 to 2 hours before you go and start exercising. This is to prevent you from having the full feeling in your stomach. Besides all your blood will be in your stomach area, which will be busy with digesting your food. Thus for an optimal experience just wait a bit.


A fine breakfast that you can take before you exercise is an omelet with meat, fish or vegetables or a bowl of salad or steamed vegetables with healthy fats such as fish oil, coconut oil and avocado.

If you do not lose weight while you exercise, you can also take some complex carbohydrates such as quinoa or oatmeal.

Do you have no time for a good breakfast?

Take a small snack that gives a lot of energy but your stomach does not fill and not cause fat storage, as a small salad with some avocado, tomato, radish, cucumber, pepper, and a piece of chicken or salmon.

Also a special energy-rich gluten-free snack bar food that contains very little sugar and is very rich in vitamins and minerals, such as the

PULSIN “Energy Bomb, Good Greens Bar or Raw Bite bar.


  • During exercise: While you’re busy with sports, it is very important to maintain your fluid balance. Make sure you have a bottle of water at hand, but do not just drink when you are thirsty, because your body is actually a shortage of moisture. You should therefore regularly during training a sip of water, so you constantly moisture level is maintained.

By always taking a small sip you also prevent you feel to have a huge “bubble of water” in your belly.


  • After exercise: Extra protein requirements is essential for your body, you can supplement this by taking a protein shake immediately after an intense exercise. Please note that you do can’t drink protein shakes of inferior quality, because this kind of shakes often contain all kinds of cheap fillers and artificial additives that unnecessarily hurt your body and just slow down your muscle recovery. An alternative to protein shakes are special protein bars like the PULSIN ‘Protein Sports Bar. If you’re sporting less intense you can also take a protein-rich green smoothie (Read our article on how to make smoothies, here) and eat an omelet with vegetables and avocado.

Your diet is ultimately one of the major factors that contribute to your body in a healthy and responsible way.

So eat healthy and varied every day, because that gives your body all the energy and nutrients it needs to have to perform and effectively recover.

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Marianne Schwartz

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How to make a Smoothie
Nov 30

How To Make The Perfect Smoothie – How To Get Rid Of Fat With Smoothie’s

By Marianne Schwartz | Weight Loss

How To Make The Perfect Smoothie’s – How To Get Rid Of Fat With Smoothie’s

the perfect smoothie

Smoothie’s, you’ve probably already heard a lot of positive things about it. But how do you make a perfect smoothie?

Not a surprise at all! But how do I make a perfect smoothie?

Don’t worry we have got you covered and you will learn about this as well.

This special smoothie is not only healthy but also very tasty!

In addition, it provides you daily energy, let you lose weight faster and has a lot of positive benefits.

I want you to go get the most from smoothie’s.

Smoothie’s: What are they?

the perfect smoothie 1

A green smoothie what is it actually?

A smoothie is simply nothing more than a mixed drink that consists of different vegetables and fruits.

So what will happen to my body if I’m going to drink green smoothies?

  1. You will get rid of unnecessary fat. You will see that your body gets enough food inside. When your body notices that there is enough daily incoming power, it is proven that fat will burn faster.
  1. You can fully concentrate throughout the day. Because you give your body enough nutrients, you won’t be hungry the whole time. Cravings and the urge to eat will stop as well.
  1. Positive energy the whole day and no drowsiness! Do you sometimes feel a little drowsy? Especially in the afternoon? Drop your eyes often closed in the afternoon as you sit on the couch? If so, your body does not have enough energy. Take in the morning a delicious smoothie and you will find that you have more energy during the day.
  1. Better body immune system and get less sick. You give your body a lot of power with a smoothie. Think of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. That means you’re less prone to many diseases.

In short, it pays off to make the perfect smoothie

Get a good blender! Check my blender review over here.

the perfect smoothie 2

The blender will be your best friend! You should always get a good one of a renowned brand and with a capacity of 800 watts.


The problems with a low cost fruit blender is the following:

  • It takes long before the ingredients are mixed well
  • Difficult to clean
  • Blades will have problems very fast

A cheap buy often turns out to be an expensive one.

I myself already use for four years a Philips fruit blender to make smoothie’s.

the perfect smoothie 4

The process to make the perfect smoothie goes as follows:

Step 1: You take different fruits and vegetables as you wish to have, wash it thoroughly under running water.

Step 2: After you stop punning all the food in the blender, let the blender just blend for one minute. After the blender is finished, you can start enjoying your smoothie.

I think a smoothie is at its best when it is very cold. If you’d like to add a cold smoothie than 2 or 3 ice cubes.

If the smoothie is too thick then add a bit of water.

Once your smoothie is too thin then add a food product.

Do you disgust or hate a particular food?

How to make a Smoothie

No problem at all!

Add it to all your food products in the blender and blend it! You wont taste it and yet you will get all these vitamins and minerals!

How often, how much and when I can take the perfect smoothie?

How often, how much and when you can just take the perfect smoothie all depends on your own goal.


Are you doing well with losing belly weight and you do not want get too much sugar inside on a daily basis?

Then do not take more than 300ml a day.

When you are not losing weight and busy or if you do not lose weight fast, you can take more than 300ml smoothie a day

The amount so you can take all depends on what your goal is every day, what you do every day and how much you eat with it.

So it’s very difficult to say you’re allowed as much and you so much.

The only way to find out the correct amount is keep a close look for a week and keep track of what you drink every day exactly.

How to make a Smoothie

In the morning I often treat myself to a smoothie so I start the day good.

In the evening I almost never take a smoothie, only if it is still early in the evening and if I’m very hungry.

Do not make your perfect smoothie with only fruit and vegetables!

If you only add vegetables and fruits together while making a perfect smoothie, you almost get nothing but sugar / slow carbohydrate.

Once you are now going to make a smoothie it is wise to attach some protein-rich foods.


Foods such as chia seeds, goji berries, peanuts, almonds, cashews, little skinny French cottage cheese.

If you do that your body gets plenty of unsaturated fats and proteins inside.

Which in turn ensures that you’ll burn more fat daily. Congrats, you find the recipe for the perfect smoothie!


Don’t do this only when making your perfect smoothie!

Not only in making smoothies it is important that you have some protein, and some unsaturated fat foods, but it is also important when making your big meals and snacks.

Make sure your smoothies / protein shakes, large meals and snacks always have some proteins, carbohydrates and unsaturated fats.

Failure to do so increases the chances that you wont lose any weight.

My top 3 of Favorite smoothie’s

the perfect smoothie 8

Strawberry Banana Smoothy

First, the smoothie that I personally find most delicious, strawberry-banana smoothie. It has a soft flavor and is easy to make. So what do you need?

  • Half a banana
  • Approximately 10-20 strawberries
  • Water or milk

First you cut the fruit.

I always use half a banana, because I noticed that the taste of the banana ‘dominates” very easily and I think it’s also good to have a strong strawberry flavor.

But that is my own preference though.

If you have cut everything you add the water or milk in the blender.

Choose milk if you want something creamy, and water if you just want to go for something fresh.

Also, water is healthier because it naturally contains no calories. Then add the fruit and mix until it is smooth.

Never start with too much because something thinner is easier than making something thicker.

You can also decide to put yogurt in your smoothie, but this is not necessary.

the perfect smoothie 7

Kiwi banana smoothie

This smoothie is also delicious.

Kiwi has a very strong taste by itself but because there is through banana, the flavors ‘neutralize’ a bit. So what do you need?

  • 1 Banana
  • 2 Kiwi’s
  • Milk

First cut the fruit.

This smoothie I have chosen comes with milk because I think this is simply something better. Of course you can also use any other liquid you like it.

Put some milk in the blender and then put the fruit in.

Mix everything until it is smooth. Your smoothie is ready!

the perfect smoothie 6

Berry smoothie

the perfect smoothie 5

This smoothie again is delicious! For this smoothie you just need to buy frozen berries. So what do you need?

  • Box of (frozen) berries.
  • Milk
  • Yogurt

For this smoothie you don’t need to cut anything.

Berry fruits are already small enough to put in the blender.

Add the liquid and yogurt in blender.

This is better for your blender and mixes a lot easier. Then add your berries. If you like it, you can also add extra raspberries or strawberries.

Note that you do not need to use too much yogurt because otherwise it is not really a smoothie but more yogurt with fruit.

Smoothies are really super easy to make.

Basically, you can already make a smoothie by simply mixing some fruit in the blender.

However, smoothies are not a 100% replacement for your daily requirement of fruits.

In fruits are fibers that are good for your body. As you mix the fruit, ‘disappear’ as it were the fibers.

Of course, a smoothie is super healthy but do not forget to always eat an extra piece of fruit per day.

As I have already told you can always change the thickness of the smoothie by adding more or less liquid.

It depends simply on what you like it, that’s why I have put no quantities there.

Are you ready to make your own Smoothies? Read my Fruit Blender Review and get started making your own!

Read my Smoothie Fruit Blender Review by Clicking Here

Would you like it if I often write Smoothie recipes? Let me know!

Are you more into tea? No problem. Check this interesting article over here: Read More


The Paleo Diet
Nov 30

What you need to know about the Paleo Diet

By Marianne Schwartz | Healthy Living

What you need to know about the Paleo Diet

It is still a very great success: The Paleo diet.

Will this trend stay or will it be forgotten this diet over time, as so many trendy diets.

One of the most recent and very pokiwifruit-400143_960_720pular diets is the Paleo diet.

Time will tell whether it will a very efficient and effective one or one that doesn’t work.

In this article I will explain to you what the diet exactly is and its benefits and its cons.

This because with everything popular around it always has some critical opinion formed about it.

These critical opinions sometimes might be very harsh and be very biased.

This might be due to the fact that the person didn’t had any success with the diet.


It might the that the diet didn’t fit with the time schedule or for other personal reasons.

Therefore, I would like to discuss in this article the possible advantages and disadvantages of the Paleo diet.

Just what you need to know about the Paleo diet. So that in this way everyone can make his or her own choice.

The Paleo Diet

Introduction: What is the essence of the Paleo Diet?

The principle is to eat like our ancestors ate.

Diseases that we know today didn’t exist at that time.

So the Paleo-diet would ensure that you will not suffer from the diseases we have nowadays.

Think for example of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The whole diet is composed from the idea that the present industrially processed products previously did not exist, so with the Paleo Diet, you will be altogether safe from having these lifestyle diseases.

Another principle also plays a role: Our body needs to adapt to the continues changes in dietary.

In the last thousands of years, particularly the last 100 years, our diet changed rapidly.

And as a result our body has some difficulties with the rapid adjustment.

So when you get your burger at the Mc Drive, you will notice that your body will protest to these new foreign substances.

The end result is that there will be arising a lot of diseases, essentially what we call “lifestyle diseases”.

So what does the Paleo diet stand for?

Healthy Fats

The Paleo Diet

Eating healthy fats is a big pillar of the Paleo diet. And mainly, because of the many studies of the effect of healthy fats, which indicate that you get fewer problems with eating healthy fats.

You will reduce the chances to get: obesity. Cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes.

Lean Proteins

Proteins are of vital importance to your body. Proteins are essential, for example, for the build-up of muscle tissue and cells.

In addition, proteins provide a feeling of fullness, so you automatically eat less by a ‘full’ feeling.

Fruit and vegetables

The Paleo Diet

We all know that fruits and vegetables are a very important source of minerals, vitamins and contain very strong antioxidants.

All of these substances will ensure that your body will work more efficiently, and so that you feel better.

By eating plenty of fruits and vegetables you will reduce significantly the chances of getting diabetes and cancer. (The great exception, which you can NOT eat in the Paleo diet is the Nightshade family. See below.)

NO Cereals

The Paleo Diet

Cereals, including all flour products, are unacceptable. Paleo sees corn as an edited and modified product.

At the Paleo-time we were hunters, and no farmers. So No to cereals!

NO milk or other (derived) milk


Also, dairy products, and all products derived from them, or you will naturally need a cow standing in the backyard.

But even this does not fit the Paleo-list!

Once again in The Paleo-time we were hunters, and no farmers with livestock.

NO fruits and vegetables from the nightshade family

The Paleo Diet

Although most products from the nightshade family have a very good reputation in the field of health, they are out of the question in the Paleo diet.

Examples include potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant.

NO processed products

This is actually the most difficult thing about the diet:

All the food that we know is in one way or another arrangement.

Fortunately, Paleo focuses on the severely refined products.

These include bread, pasta, biscuits, sweets, sugar and milk.

The claimed benefits of the Paleo Diet

If you absorb the above information well, then the advantages must be quite obvious.

You do not get processed, industrial products such as sugars and refined carbohydrates, so you’ll feel better in general.

The Paleo Diet

For example, participants in the diet have a clearer skin, fewer allergies and lose excess weight.

There are people who claim that they are happier and sleep better.

Also you what you get of the diet is improved resistance.

Paleo has the main advantage that by avoiding the processed products, the risk of all kinds of lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular diseases decrease sharply.

Needless to say this can have major benefits for your health and wellbeing.

The claimed disadvantages of the Paleo Diet

One of the major drawbacks of the Paleo diet is the fact that certain types of food should be completely banned.


Fortunately, you can adjust well to your food, at least if you can cook it yourself, but if you eat out or are live abroad temporarily, it will be quite difficult.

Another major drawback is the suitability for vegetarians as meat and fish one of the great pillars of the diet.

The Paleo Diet

Where many people have the most trouble with is avoiding the processed and refined products such as sugars.

Although sugar is indeed very bad for the body, it gets us literally brought up on that that sugar is good and that you have this “need”.


Believe me, there are more cases of sugar addiction than you think. Typically, a lot of people are unware of this fact…….

So is therefore Paleo the ideal diet? No, not at all!

Don’t get me wrong but I don’t condemn the diet. If you want to live healthier, and possibly want to lose weight, there is nothing wrong with the Paleo diet.

My problem is more in the whole concept around it.

Be honest now: If you assume a diet where you may only have to avoid food, sugars and healthy products, then you already have 90% of the Paleo diet.


There are some conditions which you need to bear in mind with the Paleo-story: namely, the conditions under which they lived:

  • The Paleo-time people got a lot more sunlight on the (bare) skin. Because of this they had normal levels of vitamin D. Because we are only at the office or in the car at this time, everyone has a chronic lack of vitamin D.
  • Prehistoric man went to sleep when it got dark, or when the fire died. Nowadays, with the aid of artificial light, we stay awake until we almost naturally fall asleep.
  • You can imagine the primitive man distributing meals throughout the day. They did not have the luxury of a refrigerator and Tupperware containers in which you can store a healthy snack. On the other hand, I can imagine that primitive man relied much on a combination of ‘relished’ berries and seeds they encountered on the way.
  • Primitive man was always active. All day hunting through, races and other sportive activities. This stands in stark contrast to today’s reality in which we travel by car or train, and spend all day behind a desk during our workday.


The Paleo diet is definitely healthy. Absolutely great.

But the whole basis of the Paleo-principle, for my taste contains to much hassles that you need to take into account.

And is very hard to hold on with in nowadays society…….

In the end if you want to live healthy, you should take action and make decisions for yourself that benefit you.

In some way that is what the Paleo diet stands for.

If you are still interested in the Paleo diet. You can give it a try.

IF you want to experience a diet that isnt that harsh but totally the opposite, which is easy and fun. Read more about my eBook: “The 20 Rules of Losing Weight”.

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thefitsystem 20 rules of losing weight

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Marianne Schwartz

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