The Best Airbrush Makeup System

By Marianne Schwartz | Reviews

The Best Airbrush Makeup

Airbrushing is getting very trendy lately and especially in the wedding industry.

Some people prefer it, others hate it.

This time I will discuss what airbrush makeup is, what the best airbrush makeup is and after that it is up to you to decide whether you want to give it a try.

Airbrushing is done with an airbrush machine, a sophisticated piece of equipment which is connected to a low-noise air compressor.

As a result, the makeup is mixed in the machine with air, after which it is sprayed onto the skin.

Best Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup is perfect for bridal makeup. It is waterproof and stays up to 12hours! So even if you cry, your makeup remains at the same place with Airbrush makeup.

With Airbrush makeup, a fine layer of makeup remains on your face.

There will not be a thick layer of makeup on your face, which gives you a beautiful but natural effect.

The Best Airbrush Makeup is Ideal for Your Sensitive Skin

With Airbrush Makeup, you will not use any brushes, making this tool ideal for your sensitive skin.

Since you won’t use a brush with Airbrush Makeup, your skin does not get red and irritated from all the brushes.

The Airbrush Makeup is ideal to put foundation, shadows and blushes on your skin.

The majority of the Airbrush Makeup is also free of Paraben and is usually liquid so preventing a lot of allergic reactions that you might have with the traditional way of putting makeup.

With Airbrush Makeup, you can spray a soft mist of liquid micro pigments over the face. You can apply different shades and the soft spray will make sure that you get a perfectly matching color as your own face.

This looks way better, prettier, thinner and smoother than a normal foundation or cream!

  • It is faster than applying foundation with a brush or sponge.
  • The makeup lasts long.
  • The makeup is waterproof and smudge-proof.
  • It’s more hygienic.

My Most Used & Favorite Airbrush – Luminess Air Airbrush

Best Airbrush Makeup

I have tried several Airbrush Makeup System brands and I can say that the brand Luminess Air Airbrush is my all time favorite and the only one that I am using right now.

Is it perfect?

It is NOT 100% perfect. It took me 3 times to master it with some practice but you obviously can not compare a $150 system with a $500 one.

You also have to imagine that the $500 and above are made for makeup artists with tons of experience and comes that the learning curve is high.

I found that with the less pricey ones of Luminess that the learning curve is quite easy for a beginner.

It is easy to use and works good on a fair skin, you just need to experiment a few times to see how it works for you.

My skins sometimes gets a bit itchy because of makeup and perfume and the allergy then comes up. The Airbrush Makeup completely removes this problem and makes me feel comfortable where I go.

One time, I went to the mall right-away after I applied the Airbrush Makeup and one lady came to me and said that my complexion was perfect!

I have to admit that in the beginning it might look scary, but nowadays there are a lot of Youtube videos with detailed explanations and after 3 or 4 times you know how to use it.

After you receive the kit, you literally get everything you need to start doing Airbrush Makeup.

Cleaning does not take more than 1 or 2 minutes after each use. Because I am quite lazy, this system works good for me haha.

For the first times, you can use water and spray it on your face, to get a feeling of the pressure and how to use it and how much you actually think you will be needing when applying your makeup.

One thing that I like a lot is that the compressor is fully adjustable, which means that you can fully control the air pressure.

The other brands that I used did not have this feature and only allow for high, medium and low…

For everyone that is looking for an airbrush system and don’t want to pay a lot of bucks, this airbrush system is fantastic and I am positive you will like it as well.

Best Airbrush Makeup – Important Points

It is important to know that you first need to be one with the Airbrush Makeup machine. How do you ensure that you are one?

You need to make sure that your wrist and hand are strong and stable when using the spray.

Try it a couple of times on a paper before using it. In this way you get familiar with the air pressure and when to start and to stop.

Your hands should be constantly moving when using the Airbrush Makeup Machine, or else too much color would be drawn on a singular part of your face, ignoring the other parts.

Move with your hand from the inside to the outside.

After a couple of times you will notice that you have mastered it and that it is that difficult. It only looks like that.

So now you can also help your friends and family to get familiar with Airbrush Makeup (and get them to adore you!)

If you want to get a tanned look, put the brush closer to the skin. If you don’t want to have this tanned look then do the complete opposite, put it on a distance from your face.

The spraying should be equal on every part. This also counts for your neck. Imagine a tanned face with a white neck, that doesn’t make any sense. Just a bit, so that people can’t see it from a rough look.

Check the brushes that you get with the package, there are different sizes for different strokes.

Thin strokes are used to hide spots and stains.

Thicker ones are used for the area around the eyes. The eyes should be closed.

The face should be relaxed for best results without any wrinkles and folds.

You have to clean the Airbrush Machine after each time you use it, this only to have the best results for yourself.

You do not want to have any remainders left from your last time, that might spoil your entire look and would block the machine.

Best Airbrush Makeup 1

Best Airbrush Makeup – Airbrush Foundation

Choose a shade that matches the best and comes as close to your skin, if necessary make a combination or try two things and then take the nearest shade that comes close.

The Airbrush Machine should be kept 6 inches of the face when the foundation is sprayed.

Your hands should move in circles so that no single part of your face might have too much of a concentration of makeup.

Best Airbrush Makeup – Airbrush for Eyes and Lips

Use an eye shield and use this also for your lip area to shield them.

Use a distance of 2 inch for the area of your lips and eyelids and cover the necessary parts. Blend the colors of the eyelids, you will need more than just one shade to make your eyes pop out!

Best Airbrush Makeup – Airbrush for Blush

Choose a shade closest to your skin tone

The airbrush should be kept in a distance of 4 inches from the temple; you should start from the temple and all the way down to the jaw line

While moving the airbrush, it is advisable to smile and move in circles – cheeks would be better with more blush!

Best Airbrush Makeup – Airbrush for Spots

Everyone would definitely want to hide their own spots, while others might think that that part is the most beautiful one of that person.

Choose a foundation that you use every day. This one is my favorite foundation!

Grab and hold the Airbrush Machine close to your face, press the button very slightly on the airbrush and allow to dispense a little color

Follow the method as stated on applying foundation on face

With the Airbrush Machine your crave for perfection would be more than satisfied, without a personal makeup artist, and for an affordable price.