The Best Cheap Spray Tan

By Marianne Schwartz | Reviews

The Best Cheap Spray Tan List

We all know that UV radiation from the Sun and Tanning Salon is not good for the skin, but we do like to have a nice tan in the summer.

The self-tanner L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion is for this the perfect solution.

Because with this you can have the whole year round an even tan without the sun doing its job, nor do you need to expose your skin to the dangers of the sun and the tanning salons.

The Sublime Bronze self-tanner gives a professional result that you can not distinguish from a real tan, the result a natural, radiant golden tan without any stripes.

Many people are still afraid of stains and stripes after the usage of a self-tanner, but fortunately this is no longer the case.

You also do not need to have all the usual problems with self tanning as before, as I made a list of all the common questions that come with self-tanners.

That you may have a brown skin throughout the whole year!

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The Best Cheap Spray Tan – How Does a Self-Tanner Work?

Self Tanners, such as sprays / Milk and Serum Sublime Bronze contain the ingredient called “AHA” which mingles with the top layer of your skin, so that your skin imitates a beautiful tan.

It takes several hours for the brown result to be visible but then you get that wonderful, summery glow over you like you just came from the beach.

It varies by product, but the result remains an average of three days except for the Sublime Bronze Serum that stays up to two weeks and gives a smooth and naturally tanned result.

The Best Cheap Spray Tan – How do You Use a Self-Tanner?

Sublime Bronze self-tanners give a truly distinguish natural and radiant golden tan without any stripes, provided a few golden rules are observed.

The secret of a smooth, tan lies in the preparation:

1.Scrub Thoroughly

Before you begin to use the self-tanner, it is important to scrub your whole body and face thoroughly. Also do NOT forget your neck and breasts.

2.Body Lotion

Make sure your skin is hydrated before you begin to use a self-tanner. I use this body lotion 

Put a bit of body lotion on the parts of your body that are more difficult to reach, such as your feet, elbows, and ankles.

This is to ensure that you will get a nice even skin tone without any spots.

3.How do I apply it?

You apply all self-tanners after showering on a perfect scrubbed and dry skin. This is a scrub I like in particular.

Avoid your elbows and hairline. For all products, you need to use it daily until you reached your desired tan. After that repeat to 2 a 3 times a week.

After each use, wash your hands thoroughly.

These are the basic tips that apply to every product

4.Wash your hands!

There are two very important things after using a self-tanner.

First, it is important to wash your hands immediately after each use to prevent brown hands.

Secondly, it is important that you give the formula the time to dry up. If you do not this, it is possible you will get the color on your clothes.

My Favorite Self-Tan Explanations and Tutorials

Here is a list with my favorite Youtube tutorials and demo’s on how to use a tan spray and which brand you are most likely to prefer.

The Best Cheap Spray Tan – What is the Best Self-Tanner For Me?

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If you’re looking for the best self-tanner is good to ask yourself the following questions first:

What part of my body do you want to tan?

This because there are specific products for the face, legs and entire body. The products for the face include more sophisticated ones compared to the products for your legs and full body.

What kind of formula are you comfortable with?

Of course you will get an evenly and naturally brown tan with the Sublime Bronze self-tanner but each formula has another advantage.

A self-tanning milk, for example, takes care of the skin, a self-tanning spray does not need to be spread, and a gel or serum are easy to apply because they have a visible formula.

Do you want a direct result of a result that lasts long?

The L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Serum keeps you tan to sit up to two weeks, but an average tan remains for about 3 days.

The Best Cheap Spray Tan – How do You Remove The Self Made Tan?

Self Tanners mingle with the upper layer of the skin, allowing the natural tanning not to fade away very fast.

What you can try is to scrub the skin, but this does not guarantee that your tan will disappear completely.

My advice for you is to prepare yourself well before you start.

It is important to remember that after each use you always need to wash your hands, so that the formula does not get the chance to mingle with your hands.

The Best Cheap Spray Tan – Does it Leave Any Stains on My Clothes?

If you use the Sublime Bronze correctly, then it will not leave any stains on your clothes.

The important thing is that you give the product time to dry and absorb in the skin before you put on your clothes.

Self tanners mingle with the skin and when it is dried it will not go away easily, not even in the water.

Fortunately, this formula is sweat resistant so even though the weather is hot, the formula remains.

The Best Cheap Spray Tan – Does the Self Tanner Have a Weird Smell?

For a long time, it was very difficult to add a nice fragrance to the self-tanning formulas but with the latest technology and research, the Sublime Bronze managed to add a fresh citrus fragrance to all self-tanners.

In particular, the Sublime Bronze delicious is sweet and reminds you of the summer.

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The Best Cheap Spray Tan – Does my Skin Dehydrate After Self-Tanning?

It is important that your skin remains well cared and moisturized after using a self-tanner because then the natural tanning and intensity of your summer color remains for a very long time.

Fortunately, you do not need to do this with an additional body lotion because the self-tanner Sublime Bronze also moisturize and takes care of the skin.

All Sublime Bronze self-tanners moisturize the skin up to 8 hours long.

How do I use my self-tanner with a sunscreen?

The regular self-tanners are very easy to combine with a sunscreen.

Always make sure that you already have applied the self-tan a couple of hours before you want to put on the sunscreen.

Ideally, you use the self-tan the night before your day at the beach. the self-tanner makes your skin extra shine the next.

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Tips and tricks for using self-tanner

A self-tanner is not for intended for quick usage. You need to plan and take at least 30 minutes in the bathroom.

Put on some good light, you do not want to miss a spot because of the night lamp.

Jump first in the shower (or bath) and scrub your skin.

The dead skin cells need to be removed so that the self-tanner can be applied better. Pay particular attention to rough areas such as knees and elbows.

After showering, hydrate your skin with a body lotion.

Your skin must be completely saturated with the cream so that the drier places on your body not absorb more self-tanner than others.

By putting lotion, you will avoid stains. Wait long enough (10 minutes) until the lotion is drawn into your skin and no residue remains, before you apply the self-tanner.

Then lubricate the self-tanner in all directions all over your body or about the places you want to have a tan.

After you’ve rubbed your whole body, wash your hands with soap.

To soften the transition between your tanned body and your hands, put in your hands a cotton ball and rub this all over your hand to ensure and rub away all the self-tan from the top of your hands.

Rub your wrists and fingers well and make sure that the product does not gets on your knuckles.

Put the cotton ball in some water and wring it thoroughly and put it back on the most difficult areas of your hands (knuckles, side of your hand and wrists).

Wait at least fifteen minutes (if you can half an hour) before you dress up or crawl into bed.

Self-tanner on your face?

Your face calls for a similar approach as your hands.

Bring it (on a cleansed and moisturized skin) as you would apply a regular moisturiser. So test your forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and cheeks, and then apply the self-tanner.

Also rub your eyelids, your nostrils, your neck and the back of your neck well as these are the difficult areas. And rub everything out to your breasts until you do not feel the product anymore.

Wait at least an hour before you are going to apply your makeup.

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