Best LetVidimaze Review- My Verdict on The New Release

By Marianne Schwartz | Reviews

Best LetVidimaze Review- My Verdict on The New Release

LetVidimaze is a video tour guide that helps take visitors through websites using videos.

This means that people who visit any website using this software are able to watch videos that explain about the products and services the website deals with.

The importance of this software is that it helps the visitors understand about the website in a better manner. It also helps in getting the visitors’ full attention.


This particular video player runs different videos in different sections of the website.

These videos contain details about the website and the products it deals with.

The visitors get to view demos, reviews and get opportunities to make appointments amongst other things through these videos.

This is helpful because the visitors find it simpler to view videos instead of reading descriptions.

When the visitors are watching the videos they are also able to concentrate fully therefore understand all the details being described.


Some of the primary features of LetVidimaze include that the videos can be clipped on any position of the website.

The videos also visibly continue playing when the users scroll down a page.

Another feature is that the videos open depending on the particular section of the page that is opened.

This software also uses videos from all sources including Vimeo, Amazon S3 and YouTube amongst others.

The software also supports fully customizable pop out video frames and can be integrated with major autoresponders.

About The Author/Creator

LetVidimaze is created by Kimberly de Vries who created this software with an objective of making it more convenient to walk visitors through websites.

Kimberly has a lot of experience in online marketing therefore giving her the knowledge on how to enhance online marketing efforts.

She has successfully helped many people hoping to achieve successes in online marketing be able to achieve the success they desire.

This puts her in an ideal position to provide helpful insight.

How It Works

To be able to benefit from this software one just needs to get the software.

After acquiring this video player one can upload videos on a website from different sources.

One just needs to ensure that the videos are relevant to the content contained on the website.

After getting the right videos one can clip them on any section of the website.

When people visit such a website thy can choose the videos they want to view depending on the information they want to get.

For Whom It Is

This particular software is meant for almost everyone who has a website regardless of the niche.

These include online marketers and people who use the internet to market different products and services.

This is because people with websites usually use this software to get 100% attention from the people who visit the websites.

When the visitors understand about the various products and services they are likely to be convinced and become customers.


  • Visitors are able to understand more about the products that the website deals with
  • There is freedom to use videos from almost any source
  • Getting and using the software is simple where it can be acquired by almost anyone
  • Videos are arranged according to the sections they will be played on
  • Website owners are able to get the optimum attention from the visitors
  • There is lifetime pricing which eliminates the need to keep on paying


  • The videos can be distracting when one wants to know about something different
  • One must be good in making quality videos that can attract the visitors


By going through any best LetVidimaze review one can tell that this video player is not a scam.

There are many website owners who are already using this software and they confirm that their marketing efforts have been more successful since they started using this particular video player.

The features of this software also shows that the software was carefully designed with an objective of helping people with websites be able to attract more customers.

My Verdict

It is evident from this review that LetVidimaze has been designed to help modern online marketers.

As technology improves more and better methods of attracting customers are being discovered.

Using these videos is one of the latest methods and it has proved to be effective provided it is used in the right manner.

The website owners are able to explain about what they do consequently being able to convince the people who visit the various website.

Therefore, anyone with a website and would like to conveniently enhance marketing efforts should consider using LetVidimaze.