The Best Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands

By Marianne Schwartz | Yoga & Pilates

How to choose the best yoga mat for sweaty hands
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The Best Yoga Mat For Sweaty Hands

A good yoga mat has become an essential part of Yoga.

It provides a soft and non-slip surface where your hands and feet will not slip during the exercises.

The first yoga mat was produced in 1990.

Before this, yoga was mainly exercised in India and there they were made mainly out of animal skins, and in recent years out of cotton.

When I first started out with Yoga, I got excited about immersing myself and learning more.

And gradually my first Yoga mat didn’t satisfy my needs for the upcoming work-outs and exercises.

So I began to search and read more about the best yoga mat for sweaty hands.

As I noticed that my hands every time got very sweaty because of the intensity of some exercises.

So there my quest began for the best yoga mat for sweaty hands.

What is actually the purpose of a good yoga mat and how to prevent a slippery yoga mat?

I will help you to understand better and find your best yoga mat for sweaty hands

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The best yoga mat for sweaty hands 2

1.A Slippery Yoga Mat

The main purpose of a yoga mat is to give full support to your hands and feet during yoga exercises as these form the foundation and solid base for your exercises.

The best yoga mat for sweaty hand thus forms a barrier between the floor and the person, so the length of yourself also plays a role in your perfect mat.

And a yoga mat should be should be stiff for certain yoga postures.

So what we are looking for should be a yoga mat that is stiff, is of good quality and has the correct dimensions.

Let’s get back to your question what is the best yoga mat for sweaty hands?

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2.Price and Quality

In general, as for practically a lot of things in life the saying counts: “you pay more for good quality”.

This is just the same for yoga mats. With the technology of nowadays where you can import easily stuff from China, we see a ridiculous amount of new kinds of yoga mats.

So the question we should ask ourselves is if we can trust the brand and product we want to buy.

We can easily buy a yoga may for $7, – or $20, – in physical stores or online e-commerce places like Amazon.

In general, cheap yoga mats under the range of $25 are only suitable for simple yoga exercises.

People who have been a bit further with their yoga skills will find that they sometimes are slipping away with these kinds of mats.

So it is recommended that when you are in this phase, you start using better quality mats.

These are usually in the price range of $35-55.

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The best yoga mat for sweaty hands 3

3.So what should be the normal dimensions of a Yoga Mat?

Yoga mats are available in different sizes and thicknesses.

The thickness can vary from 1.5mm or even 1cm.

The length varies from the standard size of 180 x 60cm per brand and type of yoga mat.

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4.Thickness of a yoga mat for sweaty hands

The standard thickness of a yoga mat is typically 4mm.

A thicker yoga mat of 5mm or more is especially recommended for Bikram, Power Yoga and Ashtanga.

It gives a good support.

But we should not only be focused on the thickness of a yoga mat.

The density is actually much more important.

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5.Let’s have a closer look:

The best yoga mat for sweaty hands – thickness

Travel Yoga Mats: 1-3mm

Standard Yoga Mat: 4-5mm

Pro Yoga Mats: 6-7mm

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6.Density of the best yoga mat for sweaty hands

Another crucial factor of a good yoga mat apart from the thickness is the density.

This is the aspect where you can notice the difference between a cheap yoga mat and a good one.

This because cheap yoga mat has a low density and therefore give you very little support.

Yoga mats with a higher density give you more support and is therefore the choice if you want to have the best yoga mat for sweaty hands, in addition they also need to last longer and weight a bit more.

So an important factor when buying a yoga mat is to look at the density. The higher the better.

7.Length and width of the best yoga mat for sweaty hands

As mentioned previously, the standard size of a yoga mat is 5 feet 10-inch x 2 feet.

So according to your weight you choose your yoga mat.

For example, if you are 6 feet 2 tall, you should add +3 inch as a yardstick.

So the desired length will be 6 feet 5 inch.

Because we have a lot of choice to choose from, the best yoga mat for you depends on your body measurements and the style of yoga you practice.

A thicker yoga mat provides more support for advanced and heavy yoga styles.

For example for some yoga poses, such as the Svahasana, you wil lay all the way stretched out on the floor with your arms next to your sides.

Imagine if the width of the yoga mat is too small, then your arms will be on the floor.

A wider yoga mat therefore gives you more space and freedom of movement.

5 feet 10-inch x 2 feet: standard yoga mat

5 feet 10-inch x 2 feet 7.5 inch: extra wide

200 x 1 feet 11-inch: for long people

5 feet 10-inch x 2 feet 1-inch: extra wide for more space

215 x 2 feet 1-inch: for tall people with extra space

The Best yoga mat for sweaty hands

8.Non-Slip Yoga Mat

A non-slip mat is desirable for some yoga poses, such as the “Downward Dog” and “Warrior”. Otherwise your hands and feet will be slipping all away.

A yoga mat must be stiff enough.

The non-slip factor is determined by the material, manufacturing process and the external conditions such as the temperature and humidity.

Try out how non-slippery your yoga mat is by making your hands wet and put them on the yoga mat.

Perspiration and humidity will always affect a yoga mat.

Even a high quality one like Manduka Pro.

But we don’t want to slip away as if you are on the ice. A mat made of rubber is an excellent alternative to PVC mats.

Rubber is naturally stiffer than PVC and remains stiffer with perspiration.

the best yoga mat for sweaty hands 4

9.Best Yoga Mat Towel

The best yoga mat towel can also help with perspiration.

Especially when your are doing Bikram Yoga.

You will also see that in these classes you are often required to use a towel when going to the yoga studios.

There are yoga towels available with some special PVC modules, to strengthen the grip of the towel a bit better.

Below you can find a list of common yoga mat materials and the matching yoga style.

Which one is your best yoga mat for sweaty hands?

the best yoga mat for sweaty hands


Lifespan: 10+ years (High Quality Mat)

Yoga Styles: All Styles.

Cleaning advice: Warm water and Soap

Most yoga mats are made of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).

PVC is ideal for yoga mats because of the roughness.

They are therefore also called “sticky mats”.

PVC is hygienic, strong and can be very durable.

Despite the unjustified bad image which it has received PVC remains the best material for yoga mats.

And if the yoga mat is made of PVC with a high density, or out of recycled PVC, it may also be durable.

Modern PVC yoga mats do not contain harmful solvents (Phthalate, cap), AZO dyes or plasticizers.

During the production process, they make use of foaming agents.

These are needed to make the plastic “proving” that the mat gets its structure.

For an environmentally conscious choice, you choose a manufacturer that uses no harmful foaming agents.

Yoga mats Manduka is made without harmful substances.

A yoga mat can have a Oeko certificate that guarantees that the mat contains no harmful substances. This is usually indicated on the packaging.

10.Yoga Style and PVC

PVC yoga mat is suitable for all yoga styles.

With heavy yoga styles like power yoga, Ashtanga and Bikram is a high quality PVC mat even recommended.

In addition, we recommend to use a special yoga towel warm environments and heavy perspiration.

PVC mats are less stiff as they become damp, but this is also dependent on the quality of the mat.


Lifespan: 3-5 years

Yoga styles: Hatha, Lyengar, Ashtanga and Power Yoga

Cleaning advice: water and vinegar (1: 1). Not washing machine.

Rubber, is produced both naturally (42%) and synthetically (58%).

Natural rubber is made from the sap of the Latex Tree.

Synthetic rubber is made from oil (Petroleum) like PVC.

Natural rubber mainly comes from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

A rubber mat is forming a high skid resistance and is therefore ideal for active yoga.

In addition, a rubber mat remains stiff in humid conditions.

Natural rubber mats are often classified by the nature-friendly yoga mats as an alternative to PVC.

It is, however, and depends on the manufacturer of the mat if it is made in a sustainable way.

In addition, in the production of rubber mats manufacturers always use foaming agents to the structure.

Per manufacturer the use of non-harmful foaming agents differs and you should pay attention to this as well.

Rubber (latex) is a natural product and has a relatively short average life span of 3-5 years.

External conditions, such as heat, moisture and sunlight play a major role in the life of the mat.

Never expose a rubber mat too long to direct sunlight, because the rubber will quickly dry out.

A rubber mat can not be washed in the washing machine. The presence of latex use is discouraged by people with latex allergy.

Sustainability is a relative term. A high quality PVC mat can last 20 years, while a rubber mat has a much shorter lifespan.

Consider these factors when purchasing your mat!

Rubber with Polyurethane

Lifespan: Unknown

Yoga Styles: Beginners, Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram and Hot Yoga

Cleaning advice: Wash with soapy water (dishwashing liquid)

Moisture and perspiration make a mat less stiff.

A PVC mat here has more problems than for example a rubber mat.

Polyurethane, which is used among other things to make surfboards, remains rough as it gets wet.

The yoga brand Lululemon released their new mat in 2013 from this material.

This is a rubber mat with a top layer of polyurethane.

The idea is to absorb moisture in the top layer so that the roughness is retained.

Thus, all of the moisture and sweat draws in the top layer.

Good cleaning of this type of mat is important! In addition, there is a bacteria-killing substance is added to the top layer in order to give no opportunity molds and bacteria.

The eco policy of Lululemon is unknown until now. This because Polyurethane is not exactly environmentally friendly.

The best yoga mat for sweaty hands


Lifespan: Limited

Yoga Styles: Beginners, Hatha, Lyengar, Ashtanga

Cleaning advice: Unknown

Cork as material is a new development in yoga mat land. Cork is stiff, impact resistant and waterproof.

The current cork mats consist of a top layer of cork with a softer surface (of rubber or other materials).

Many cork mats have a limited life due to the absorption of water and perspiration. This probably has to do with the quality of the cork.

The Yoloha brand makes cork mats and even offers a lifetime warranty. So they stand behind their quality of cork mats.

Unfortunately I have no experience with these type of mats.

The best yoga mat for sweaty hands 6


Lifespan: Depends on usage.

Yoga Styles: Ashtanga, Bikram Yoga

Cleaning advice: Machine or Hand wash, 30C

Before the current yoga mats, people used cotton and it was a popular alternative, especially in India.

Cotton is a natural product and is now also ecologically produced.

Cotton yoga mats are suitable for active yoga styles such as Ashtanga and Bikram yoga where a lot of sweating may occur. Cotton absorbs moisture well and the skid resistance does not decrease.

However, the roughness of cotton is very low compared with PVC or rubber.

In addition, a cotton yoga mat can not be used on slippery surfaces such as laminate.

I therefore recommend to use the cotton mat on top of another sticky yoga mat.

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