Must Know: Fitness & Nutrition Fact Guide

By Marianne Schwartz | Healthy Living


Probably you’ve read that professional athletes follow a special diet customized in order to deliver top performance.

Healthy and good food is not only important for professional athletes, even if you are not doing any intensive sport, this can help you to achieve the goals you want to achieve in a much simpler way.

1.What happens in your body when you exercise?


As soon as you begin to intensively move your muscles, your heart and lungs are more active than when they are in idle mode: your muscles will be contracted more and more powerful, your heart beats faster and you begin to breathe faster and heavier.

In addition, your body will perspire more to carry the heat that is released during the exercise, so that your body temperature is not too high.

Additionally, during intense exercise microscopic tears arise in the muscles, which can sometimes lead to muscle soreness.

As you read the above, you might think that exercising is healthy, but the bare truth is that it is far from very healthy…..

Regular exercise is essential to include to keep you in shape, prevent obesity and protect yourself against various diseases and disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, an imbalance in hormone levels and stress.

During these kinds of intensive exercise, your body mainly needs both proteins, fats and carbohydrates and vitamins, minerals to let your muscles recover and grow and to regulate fluid balance.

2.What Sport is Best for What time?


Especially if you have the work out you are doing is very intensive.

It is also important to get the right nutrients at the right time, so that you can optimally prepare your body for the physical activity during and after exercise:

  • Before you exercise: The best thing is to go and work out right after you get up, but this is the hardest thing to do. After you had your breakfast. You need to wait at least 1.5 to 2 hours before you go and start exercising. This is to prevent you from having the full feeling in your stomach. Besides all your blood will be in your stomach area, which will be busy with digesting your food. Thus for an optimal experience just wait a bit.


A fine breakfast that you can take before you exercise is an omelet with meat, fish or vegetables or a bowl of salad or steamed vegetables with healthy fats such as fish oil, coconut oil and avocado.

If you do not lose weight while you exercise, you can also take some complex carbohydrates such as quinoa or oatmeal.

Do you have no time for a good breakfast?

Take a small snack that gives a lot of energy but your stomach does not fill and not cause fat storage, as a small salad with some avocado, tomato, radish, cucumber, pepper, and a piece of chicken or salmon.

Also a special energy-rich gluten-free snack bar food that contains very little sugar and is very rich in vitamins and minerals, such as the

PULSIN “Energy Bomb, Good Greens Bar or Raw Bite bar.


  • During exercise: While you’re busy with sports, it is very important to maintain your fluid balance. Make sure you have a bottle of water at hand, but do not just drink when you are thirsty, because your body is actually a shortage of moisture. You should therefore regularly during training a sip of water, so you constantly moisture level is maintained.

By always taking a small sip you also prevent you feel to have a huge “bubble of water” in your belly.


  • After exercise: Extra protein requirements is essential for your body, you can supplement this by taking a protein shake immediately after an intense exercise. Please note that you do can’t drink protein shakes of inferior quality, because this kind of shakes often contain all kinds of cheap fillers and artificial additives that unnecessarily hurt your body and just slow down your muscle recovery. An alternative to protein shakes are special protein bars like the PULSIN ‘Protein Sports Bar. If you’re sporting less intense you can also take a protein-rich green smoothie (Read our article on how to make smoothies, here) and eat an omelet with vegetables and avocado.

Your diet is ultimately one of the major factors that contribute to your body in a healthy and responsible way.

So eat healthy and varied every day, because that gives your body all the energy and nutrients it needs to have to perform and effectively recover.

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