Fruit Blender Review – The Three Best Smoothie Blenders

By Marianne Schwartz | Reviews

Fruit Blender Review – The Three Best Smoothie Fruit Blenders

If you regularly make smoothies, you’ll have need of a good fruit blender. Moreover, what we are searching for is that besides making smoothie’s, you can also do other things for example: making a healthy soup, a sandwich spread or make an omelet.

With most smoothie fruit blenders, you work with the cup. This prevents you from washing too many things.

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What are we looking for in a good fruit blender?

In general, any general blender is able to create a smoothie. For best smoothie and a pleasant experience (usage & cleaning) is, however, something more to it.

We have tested several smoothie makers and viewed online reviews from experts.

Based on these data, we have a top 3 best smoothie fruit blenders’ selected to purchase potential. It takes into account your budget, so we have selected for each budget accordingly a blender.


All blenders meet the following requirements:

  • A capacity of 400 watts. A lot of power is important to blend quickly and effectively. Want to make regular smoothies with frozen fruit, berries and ice cream? It is wise to choose a blender with more than 500 watts of power.
  • A (large)  mixing bowl. These are much more durable and there will be less likely to scratch and they are generally dishwasher safe.
  • A sturdy, wide base for stability. While blending an unstable blender can by vibration are over. This of course we want to avoid!

Super Fruit Blender: Magimix Miniplus Le Blender

This blender crushes ice and mixing smoothies in a very short time! Additionally, you can also make soup with these blenders and general ingredients blending or pureeing.

The blender power is automatically adjusted to the contents of the blender, and despite the high power it is still reasonably quiet. The square shape with four blades ensures that your ingredients are mixed well.

The Magimix Miniplus Le Blender Food Processor though costs a bit though. Click here to see the price

Fruit Blender 1


  • User friendly. The machine has only three buttons and a knob to control the speed. The mixing cup and lid you can with the dishwasher
  • Large capacity (1.7 liters). With this blender to make smoothies for the whole family!
  • Very quiet. Le Blender was one of the quietest blenders from the test.


  • Takes a lot of space. This blender has a weight of almost 5kg not a little boy!
  • Jug is heavy. If you can have fully stocked with fruit / ice and so you may need to use two hands when pouring.
  • Low power (400 watts). If you are looking for a blender that you can easily everything can distil and mixing, the Magimix Le Blender Chromium is relatively oke. It is only the price factor that weighs up to this capacity.

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Fruit Blender 2

Not convenient for small portions. Several users reported that in small portions the result is not optimal (not smooth).

Click here to see the Magimix Miniplus Le Blender

Sound: Philips HR2095 Avance Collection Fruit Blender

For a good & reasonable price, you can buy this fantastic smoothie maker from Philips! This premium smoothie blender has a triple action blade that cuts both soft fruit hard ice effectively and grinds. The unique design creates a flow in the can causing a nice uniform, smooth result. (I use it as well!) See the price here

Fruit Blender 3


  • Large capacity (1.5 liters), enough for about 8 glasses. Ideal if you make for your whole family or your friends smoothies.
  • Can also crush ice or frozen fruit. With 700 watts the hardest ice can not even stand this smoothie maker.
  • Glass bowl. This hearty bowl resists frozen contents and assumes no colors, flavors and fragrances on.
  • Easy to clean. The bowl and knives are dishwasher safe.
  • Precise work with 15 positions. Decide exactly how is your smoothie from smoothie maker.
  • Non-slip feet ensure this smoothie blender is stable.
  • Philips gives 2 year warranty on this blender. If your blender within that time unexpected breaks, you get so just a new one.

 Fruit Blender 4


  • Glass can be quite heavy. This is seen, however, as a plus by some people (solid).
  • Less user-friendly for left-handers.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Fruit Blender

You want to make in no time a delicious smoothie? Then the Magic Bullet is just for you! With this compact blender you can make a smoothie, soup or delicious sauce. In addition, this blender is also suitable for crushing ice.

Magic Bullet Nutribullet 

The one with the lowest price and one where you get a lot of value for your bucks! (something I keep an eye on and love a lot) Click here to see the price

Fruit Blender 5


  • High power (1700 watts). Crush everything you want!
  • Easy to use. The Magic Bullet is fast and everything is mixed well.
  • The cup, lid and blades can be cleaned easily
  • 2 Years of Magic Bullet
  • Many included. When ordering, you will receive a blender jar, 2 mixing cups, 4 cups, two knives, two stray lids, 2 lids and 2 drink rings.

 Fruit Blender 6


  • Users indicate that Spinach is not always mixed as well.
  • Not convenient if you want to make a lot of smoothies at once. Because the bowls are very small, this smoothie maker is not suitable to make multiple servings at once.
  • No convenient storage for various parts.
  • Plastic cup can smell, take colors and flavors.