How to lose weight if you weigh 220 lbs or more

By Marianne Schwartz | Weight Loss

 How to lose weight if you weigh 220 lbs or more

Nowadays it is very easy to gain weight. If you don’t think so. Go on and look around you!!

How to lose weight if you weigh 220 lbs or more

1.How to lose weight if you weigh 220 lbs or more

Right now, you don’t even need to leave your house to be seduced by the delicious smell of McDonalds and other Fast Food stuff.


Simply turn on your computer and watch Netflix or a movie.

You will see that unconsciously you will be attracted to do the same as the leading characters in the movie.

Whether that is eating a pizza or a hamburger…….

In addition to this relatively smart marketing trick, big corporations are used to spend big bucks on advertising to literally “push” their product in your body.

We see it all around us. Big menu’s you can buy to ease your hunger and it wont cost you anything.

It will save you time in doing the groceries, preparing the food and doing the dishes.

Isn’t that fantastic?

Well, every good point has its bad side….

The consequence of this is that your body get a ridiculous amount of surplus nutrition inside.

If it was good nutrition it would be another thing, but what you are actually doing is putting up a lot of bad things in your body that doesn’t do your body any good.

Being overweight means you have too much weight for someone of your height and age.

Many young people now sometimes say that they are too fat. Is that true? At a BMI meter you can see if you are really overweight.

For some people they are have always been a bit skinnier of heavier because of their metabolism system.

So the question I had was: How to lose weight if you weigh 220 lbs or more.

2.You Need The Right Mindset & Strategy

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How to lose weight if you weigh 220 lbs or more

Reasons why you may weigh 220 lbs or more

Your weight will not be the same every day.

One time you may weigh more than another time and in the morning you weigh less than the evening.

That is normal, especially if you ate a good meal and therefore you may weigh more in the evening.

For girls and women, you do not need to worry a lot!

Because some women hold more moisture when they are menstruating and thus temporarily weigh more.

These are situations that cause your body to come back to normal weight within a few days.

We’re talking about being overweight if you weigh too much over a longer period.

In most cases, obesity is a combination of:

  • Wrong eating habits
  • Too little exercise
  • But there may also be other causes, such as
  • A (metabolic) Disease
  • Usage of Medication
  • Heredity
  • Irregular Appetite (which makes you constantly hungry)
  • Emotion Food

Sometimes your mind is controlled by food. If you feel bad then you eat something, so you will feel better afterwards.

So essentially you do not eat because you’re hungry, but because you want to feel better. We call this eat emotion.

You’ve taught yourself to eat something if you feel rotten, to comfort yourself. But it can actually be a habit in your family to eat because it is so cozy, or to enhance the atmosphere.

If you do that often enough then get used to it and eat so that you will feel better (to revive that certain happy feeling).

You will often end up in a circle: you feel rotten and eat.

When you feel weak, you will eat.

When the weather is bad, you will eat. It is important to learn different with your emotions to go.

How to lose weight if you weigh 220 lbs or more 3

3.I feel fat because I weigh 220 lbs or more

How to lose weight if you weigh 220 lbs or more.

There are also women who feel fat, but according to the BMI meter have a normal, healthy weight.

If this is the case, you should have a clear look at yourself and see why you are not happy with your body.

Most of the times it is a part that does not makes you satisfied.

For example, your abdomen, but it can also be that you feel unsure or unhappy and as a result of that feel fat.

It is important not to attach a lot of value to other people’s body’s and weight.

You should be secure and happy in your own skin and if not you should take some action to get this done.

4.Consequences of Severe or Prolonged Obesity

Overweight teenagers obtain a bigger to risk to be also overweight as an adult.

The more surplus weight you have, the more risks this entails. You have a greater chance to obtain:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart and vascular disease
  • Gallstones
  • Arthralgia
  • Certain forms of cancer

Youth obese often have a diminished sense of self estem.

They are often dissatisfied with himself and make himself much about their body and weight.

They often have fewer friends, more often alone and are more easily bullied or discriminated against.

It is difficult to get along well with sports and outdoor games.

Severe obesity is also known as obesity….

Essentially anything that is too much of weight on your body is overweight.

The first step is important to realize this and get passionate about losing weight.

I would say that this is the foremost and most important reason if you are weighing more than 220 lbs and want to lose weight.

Well, that was the case and what I found out in my own personal weight loss journey when I asked myself: how to lose weight if you weigh 220 lbs or more.

How to lose weight if you weigh 220 lbs or more 4

5.How to lose weight if you weigh 220 lbs or more: 6 simple tips that work 100% sure

Everybody wants to lose weight.

But how can you achieve this?

Methods that promise to have immediate results are usually not good for your body because you for example do not get enough calories inside.

So lets answer the question I had back then: How to lose weight if you weigh 220 lbs or more.

That is for me the foremost reason to put some tips over here that have a guarantee to work if you stick to these.

If you continue to follow these tips you will be sure to develop a healthy pattern and get in a healthy pattern that is easy to maintain.

Tip 1. Eat slowly

Eat slowly if you want to lose weight quickly.

This is a proven method.

Take time for your meal and make it a pleasant occasion!!

Use small plates, small bowls and small cutlery and this will already help you tremendously.

Because you will feel full, you will be less easy to eat snacks afterwards.

In this article about I will write more on this subject and you will find all the knowledge you need to eat less and thereby lose weight faster.

Tip 2. Eat 5 to 6 times per day

You can eat and lose weight faster by eating up to 5 a 6 times a day.

This may sound contradictory, but it really works.

The idea is to spread the same number of calories over multiple smaller meals.

This prevents your blood sugar and insulin level to go much less up and down during the day.

The consequence of this is that you will have less hunger and food cravings.

In addition, there is less body fat stored under the influence of a stable insulin level.

Because of the fact that you eat so often each day, your blood sugar level remains constant throughout the day.

You have more energy and you never feel weak and distracted between meals throughout the day. Result: lose weight much faster!

Tip 3. Always eat breakfast

ALWAYS eat breakfast.

I myself also have some troubles with this, but if you have a decent healthy breakfast every day, you also have a lot more energy in the morning.

Make sure there are lots of fiber are in your breakfast by eating whole grain products.

And always use a good source of protein such as lean meat, low-fat cheese, egg or fish. A good breakfast creates an efficient metabolism that stores less fat.

And decreased fat storage means automatically that you will lose weight fast.

Tip 4. Eat less soon as the sun goes down

Eat less once the sun goes down. Why?

This is a very important habit.

This because you body will get less active the later it gets in the day and therefore less able to process the calories you eat.

In order to lose weight quickly. It is important that you do this well as to avoid gaining weight quickly and giving your body the chance to get rid of the surplus weight.

Note that there are studies showing that the evening meal creates opportunities for extra storage of fat, but there are also studies that suggest that it is not all that bad a source.

Either way you will protect your digestion and sleep better. Which in the end is good for your hormones as well.

Tip 5.Try an amazing program that will help you do it!

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