Yoga Burn Review: Learn the truth about Yoga Burn

By Marianne Schwartz | Reviews

Yogaburn review

Yoga Burn Review: Learn the truth about Yoga Burn

Learn the truth with Yoga Burn

 I started a long time ago with Yoga Burn and I will tell you the dangers you need to avoid with Yoga Burn and ways to save time and money.

This is my Yoga Burn Review and purely my personal experience.

If you wondered whether Yoga Burn is a scam, it is definitely NOT and in this article I will explain my experience with the program.

So in case you wondered what YogaBurn actually is?

It is a Yoga course which you can follow at home delivered through structured classes with descriptions and guideline.

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Yoga burn review

What is YogaBurn about?

Let’s start and learn the truth about Yoga burn.

For me the main reason with starting with Yoga Burn was due to the immense stress I had developed in the office and I read in some magazines about Yoga and how it relieves your stress, anxiety & headache.

Above on that it would improve your metabolism.

However, when I started to look around for Yoga classes in the gym, I saw that they were all quite expensive.

With a group class going costing $15 for one session and a single session for even more.

They were also telling me that I would have to take at least 40 classes before I would master the concept and they guaranteed me that I could practice it on my own after that.

A simple math would point out that that would cost at least $600 not taken in the distance to drive to the gym and my gas costs.

Naturally. I got frustrated and told it to one of my friends who spoke of this Yoga course that you could do at home via watching tutorial’s.

The best part of it?

The price!

It would cost me only $37.

If I would convert that with the classes at the gym, that would cost me the same at 2 classes.

That is crazy I told my friend.

She introduced me to the friend that followed this course and she showed me some yoga skills, which impressed me a lot.

Learn the truth with Yoga Burn

Long story short, I bought the program and I don’t have any regrets about it at all.

Yoga Burn Review: The outline of YogaBurn

Yes, it takes some discipline and you need to bare with some pain in the first few days, but after that I noticed that my body already got more flexible in one week.

My mood got better and my stress, anxiety and headache all disappeared.

The good part of the program is the fact that you can do it at home.

That at the same time is also a great danger.

Mainly that you need to have a lot of discipline to hold on and continue.

I facilitated this process by doing this together with a friend and after each week we talked together about the different phases and exercises.

Whether you are going through a hard period of your life or you are having a lot of stress in the office.

Yoga Burn is a good method to do something completely else and just relax and get into your zone.

The program makes you sweat a lot and at the same time you get the chance to think deeply. However, that was the case for me.

Learn the truth with Yoga Burn

The best thing about Yoga Burn?

I would have to say that it is the immense value you get for your bucks.

Apart from the guided tutorials which are very explicit by itself.

The course is divided in several phases, and you need to finish each phase before you can continue with the next one.

For example, the first phase lasts 4 weeks.

Which means that it takes 4 weeks to complete and finish the beginner phase!

They also repeat the exercises with a lot of space for several times so you don’t need to freak out and watch all your movements as if you are doing it correctly.

Another extra is that you get free meal plans, to try new recipes and are very simple to make.

Yoga Burn Review: Personal instructions and clear explanations

Learn the truth with Yoga Burn

Above on that you get the Cookbook of Zoe as well for free with more than 60 recipes. Zoe is the creator of Yoga Burn and she is a certified yoga instructor.

The meal plans and cookbook are a great addition to the yoga exercises as it will help you in your Yoga guide.

So basically you are giving 100% of all you have into it and because of this reason, it will pay off with results!

Even when you are very busy and you think that you don’t have any time to cook.

The meal plans and cook book also offer solutions for quick meal lunches and appetizers and also for when you have guests, so you won’t have an excuse to feast like a pig!

The system is very easy to navigate in and very clear to somebody completely new to software and computers.

You can download the tutorials instantly and in total you will be sweet for 3 months.

You also get an extra 4 Bonus video’s in addition.

Every phase you will master a new move, for example the first phase is called: “The Foundational Flow”

The purchase process is incredibly simple.

You have the options to buy the downloadable files or you pay extra for the physical cd’s. You need to pay extra for shipping.

I only ordered the download version as I find it unnecessary to have the cd’s. However, if you like to have some physical stuff, you can order it as well.

Yoga Burn Review 5

Yoga Burn Review: Benefits:

  • Extremely affordable at $37 for three months. That is almost $3,- per week!
  • Three months’ worth of classes with 4 bonus classes, meal plans and a cookbook
  • Cookbook with amazing tips to discover a new way of life
  • The meal plans are very easy to follow with simple foods
  • Simple interface and high definition quality video’s
  • Comes in electronic and physical format.

Yoga Burn Review: Disadvantages:

  • I found the email system a bit bothering, constantly asking me to buy another yoga program. Luckily you can add in the email notifications that you don’t want to receive these emails.
  • It takes much discipline of yourself and be prepared, it is not easy
  • When you arrive to the third phase, be prepared get more challenges and sweat..

I can say that Yoga Burn is not a scam but it is rather an in-depth program for which you need to be mentally prepared.

Discipline and persistence is key, just as in almost anything else in life. The price value is incredible.

You get more stuff for your money and therefore the course is almost a steal, plus you get the opportunity to gain more knowledge, a better body and clearer mind.

I would recommend it to anyone else who wants to try it out.

Purely because of the fact that it almost doesn’t cost a thing, when you do the math, it will come down to less than $0.40 for a tutorial that you can view unlimited times during your lifetime!!

Learn the truth with Yoga Burn

Learn the truth about Yoga Burn and visit the website HERE to see for yourself