How to Lose Weight in a Week

By Marianne Schwartz | Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight in a Week

This article is for people who wants to lose weight in a fast way. To lose weight without having it coming back.

Every pound that goes off, will not come back.

What I merely will do is to describe exactly how to stimulate your body to burn fat by some simple, healthy and efficient methods.

Which will allow you to lose weight quickly!

The benefits you will get after reading this will be:

  • To lose more than 3 pounds a week
  • No Yo-yo losing weight effect
  • Never to suffer from hunger again
  • To know exact what you can eat and what not

If you apply what I discussed you will lose weight in a healthy, enjoyable and convenient way.

1.Live Healthy

how to lose weight in a week

A diet and healthy portion of exercise are two natural factors that determine your weight.

With sufficient exercise and healthy eating, you will get your body in the right condition just in a matter of time.

Our modern diet contains a lot of carbohydrates, such as grains and sugars.

From these carbohydrates, your body derives the energy to survive and maintain your body.

However, scientific studies show that your body is ‘designed’ to extract energy from healthy fats and fruits and not from carbohydrates.

In our millions of years of evolution, humans only started to eat carbohydrates some hundred years ago.

Before that humans only ate healthy foods for example, fruits, vegetables and meat.

Your body is not yet adapted to our “modern food” with many carbohydrates such as grains and sugars.


2. What You Should Know About Carbohydrates and Fat

The more carbohydrates (such as grains and sugar) you eat, the ‘fatter’ you are.

And the more healthy foods you eat, the more energy you have.


3.We are Used to Sit The Whole Day

how to lose weight in a week

Our modern and daily activity consists mostly of long periods of sitting and because of this it is recommended to get some movement a few times a week.

Think of it….

What did the human race do in the hundreds of thousands of years before.

They were constantly moving around!

It is only in recent decades that we have changed to sit almost the whole time


4.Do NOT Sit The Whole Time

Because of this the human body is designed to move, not to sit still for long periods.

The University of Leicester demonstrated that the risk of getting weight can be reduced by simply to move more and reduce the time that you sit down.


how to lose weight in a week5.Do NOT Exercise For a Long Time

On the other hand, the human body is not designed to do intense and long exercises, such as running for more than half an hour.

Another study by the University of Amsterdam shows that 37% to 56% of all long distance runners have injuries on a yearly basis.

In addition to this, long periods of intense effort ensure that the stress hormone “cortisol” is produced.

Cortisol has many negative effects on your health and weight loss.

I will tell you something: losing weight fast is not done by running harder.

Completely the opposite is true…

You will burn more energy and fat by short and extremely intense workout sessions.

This all without putting too much stress on your body.

This is exactly what the 20 Rules of Losing Weight is about and where you can learn more and follow these exact principles.

Our bodies are made to be almost constantly in motion with occasional brief moment of extreme intense exercise.

This ensures the correct biochemistry in your body so you that you will burn fat quickly and as a result will lose a lot of weight.

7.Do Eat the Right Kind of Fat

Fat has for many people a negative name. Fats are often associated with cardiovascular disease and obesity.

It is absolutely true that certain fats promote obesity and cardiovascular disease. I name these fats unhealthy fats.

Healthy fats on the other hand come from Mother Nature. Examples of healthy fats:
• grass-fed meat
• eggs (rich in Omega-3)
• walnuts / walnut oil
• extra virgin olive oil
• coconut oil
• flaxseed oil
• sunflower seeds
• pumpkin seeds
• sesame seeds / sesame oil
• avocado


8.Do Eat A Lot of Healthy Fats and Vegetables
Try to add as many as possible of these healthy fats to your daily diet.

And also try to eat as many vegetables as you can per day.. If you are hungry, you need to increase the number of healthy fats and vegetables.

9.Start Your Weight Loss Journey at The Right Place

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Marianne Schwartz

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