How I Overcame One Of My Deepest Fears During My Weight Loss Journey

By Marianne Schwartz | Weight Loss

how i overcame one of my deepest fears during my weight loss journey

How I Overcame One Of My Deepest Fears During My Weight Loss Journey

I just crushed one of my worst fears.

Here’s how you can too.

My alarm clock rang at 06:00AM, this time I thought I will get up and start my day with a good old workout session.

But for now, several thoughts continued to play through my mind.

What if I sleep just a little bit longer, that wouldn’t harm anybody.

Inside my bed it is so soft and warm, why should I get up and get into the cold?

I can also do these exercises tomorrow right?

For more than 5 years, I’d been avoiding this moment.

Making up excuses just like the ones above.

That morning, I just continued to sleep safe and sound.

Time and time again this happened, assuring myself that one day soon I would start with changing myself and get rid of all my overweight.

But every time, the voice in the back of my head whispered:

let’s do it tomorrow..

Running through the last few years of dodging my fear wasn’t helping. And it made it all the more startling when an old friend of my asked me if I was again pregnant.

With one last deep, anxious breath, I decided that for once I would be changing my whole life.

For the next hours, weeks and months I immersed myself by reading through all kinds of books about the human body, diets, human psychology.

And in doing so, I finally broke with the old habits of one of my worst fears.


Everyone Fears Something

I’ve always considered myself a confident person.

I’m very comfortable with other people and in social circumstances. In fact, I love doing those things.

But for as long as I can remember, I’ve dreaded the idea of talking about my weight loss issues.

Even a simple reference to it, or even getting a comment about the foods that I eat gave me the boosegumps.

It’s not exactly a rational fear for a “social” person to have.

Still, I’ve declined every single helping hand I’ve ever been offered.

I’ve turned down countless requests from close friends to help me or those that offered their advice.

And for years, I’d been dodging myself to face the reality and do something about my problems.

And when I finally agreed to do something about it, I continued to plot my escape.

Even after starting with the exercises, I considered pulling out.

The fear threatened to not only hold me back, but it threatened to harm my relationship with the people closest to me.

You are important and a role model for the people around you.

You are because of what your environment is. So if I didn’t changed my habits, it might also lead to one of my friends or family members ending in the same situation as me

It is, of course an irrational fear.

After all, what’s the worst thing that could realistically happen?

But in the privileged modern world we leave in, almost all of our fears are irrational.

And yet we all have them.

For me, that fear has been facing the reality. For many others it might be: getting on a plane, public speaking, selling and much more.

I’m willing to bet that you, too, are being held back by something you fear.

It sucks. It really sucks.

But as I’ve learned in overcoming a lot of my fears during my weight loss journey, the only cure for fear that has worked for me is to break with the habits.


Break With The Old Habits

I finally did my 06:00 AM workout.

And five minutes in, the realization hit me: this isn’t so bad.

I had literally spent years terrified of this very moment, thinking through all of the different ways it could go horrible, irreversibly wrong.

And yet, in just five minutes of bracing myself and breaking with my old habits, that panic dissolved.

After some weeks after I got myself deeply into reading about health, eating healthy and working out on a regular basis I noticed that I was more positive about daily things.

I also recorded immediately how many times I still cheated on food and exercises. Evaluating yourself is crucial and if you did not well an embarassing experience.

Most people never really dare to evaluate where they really are. And that might prove to be an even more embarrassing moment in the end.

Still, as I paid close attention to myself, I got more proud of myself and that I also could help my friends with the knowledge that I gained. I was proud.

I started to more comments from friends about my body posture and composure. But this time they were all positive.

I know that I still have a lot to improve on.

But I’m thrilled that I did it, and I’m excited to have sufficiently overcome my fear of changing my life that I’m eager to do it again and better.


My Goal for 2017, and How You Can Crush Your Fear This Year Too

Crushing my fear by breaking with my old habits was liberating. It made me realize – not just on a rational level, but on a very deep emotional one – that there’s nothing to fear.

And that mindset opens up a whole world of possibilities.

And now that fear is gone, I can focus on getting better at this and share this with as many people as I can. That means that I need to overcome another weakness of me.

Showing off more of that human side can only help people.

So one of my key goals for 2017 is to share more of my personal stories and practice in getting better at this.

It’s easy to avoid something just because you’re scared of it. I did that for a long time. But it won’t help you.

It won’t help you improve, and it won’t help you succeed.

That’s why I’d love to see you take on this important goal for 2017: pick one of the fears that; been holding you back – whether in business or in life – and destroy it.

Set a commitment that you’ll feel bad backing out of.

Walk right up to the edge of your fear.

Close your eyes, put one foot forward, and break up with your old habits.

You’ll realize very, very quickly that it’s not so bad.

And just like that, you’ll open up a world of opportunity.

Let me know in the comments: what fear are you going to tackle in 2017?

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