Pre workout for women and other supplements

By Marianne Schwartz | Nutrition & Supplements

Pre Workout for Women

Pre workout for women and other supplements

Specific nutritional supplements such as pre workout for women can be a major supporting role in getting back to shape.

However, there are different opinions about this and everyone will say something completely different about this topic.

This article is dedicated to clear out the vagueness and give you comprehensive overview about supplements.

1.Supplements for Women

Research shows that a large group of people thinks that they eat the sufficient amount of vegetables and fruit, while only 45% of these people really eat enough!


So it appears a difficult job to get the recommended daily allowance of nutrients inside.

One reason for this might be that people find it difficult to vary with their food, or it could be the case that your body needs more different kinds of nutrients.

The supplements that are the best fit for your body also depends on the goal that you want to achieve.

Protein for Women, a Must?

Proteins (Whey Isolate) is mainly for building, reparation and conservation of the muscles after exercise.

After a work out it is extremely important to have a good rest in order to recover well.

When you use Protein supplements it will accelerate the recovery process significantly so that you can get back on the training track or gym.

So is it necessary to have Protein supplements for your work out?

Indeed, it is extremely important to eat well when you work out.

And getting enough protein means that your body will recover good. In the past there have been a lot of studies, and these revealed that if you get more than 1.8gram Protein per kilogram of bodyweight inside, it will not have a better added value.

So this means basically that it is not necessary to have protein supplement shakes in your diet.

Just eating natural proteins will be more than enough. These you can find in: eggs, chicken, fish, cheese, milk, meat and more!

Having protein hakes in your diet can be of added value, but they are not necessary for good results.

Pre workout for women 1

2.Weight Gainer for Women a Must?

If your goal is to build muscles, then it is important to first gain some mass and then build muscles.

For this purpose, a lot of people use a weight gainer supplement.

This mainly consists of protein and carbohydrates which facilitate the growth of muscles.

When you want to build muscle, you have to do a lot of heavy strength exercises. In addition, you also need to get more calories than you actually burn.

These extra calories you can actually get just by eating more. If you have troubles with eating a lot, then weight gainers are an easy way to gain weight, but weight gainers are not essential to build muscles.

You can get the same effect by eating more and schedule what you are going to eat.

3.What? Amino Acids for Women

Amino acids (BCAA E. D.) are the building blocks of protein. Our bodies need protein to repair and build our muscles.

BCAA Amino Acids are not needed when you get a sufficient mount of protein inside.

But it is recommended to take some BCAA Amino Acids for when you are going to train on an empty stomach.

This is to prevent unnecessary muscle break down. But the same principle applies that a normal meal with protein is sufficient enough and thus making BCAA Amino Acids not a must have.

4.Should You Get Multivitamin supplements

Multivitamins include a lot of antioxidants and vitamin B. This Vitamins are especially good because they stimulate the natural energy in your body.

Vitamins and antioxidants are a must have for when you are working out a lot.

Because when you are getting the most out of your body, you also need the right stuff to recover well.

What additional vitamins you need depends per body, exercise level, diet etc. Because of this, I can’t give you a clear recommendation on if it is necessary or not.

Pre workout for women 2

5.Pre-Workout for Women Good?

Pre-workout supplements are literally mean supplements to take before a workout. Most pre-workout supplements consist of a combination of fast carbohydrates (sugars).

So within a few minutes after taking the pre workout, your body gets new energy, strength and focus.

This certainly can make a difference during training and the results can become more clear when you are involved in a heavier workout which has more weights and sets.

Pre-workouts are often no more than unnecessary sugars and / or a large quantity of caffeine and other stimulatory agents.

Pre workout for women consists of different ingredients than the one for man but in general the purpose serves the same goal.

The affect of caffeine decreases a lot as your body gets tolerant after taking the pre work out.

Thus making it only efficient in the beginning and you will/need to take more and more for the same effect.

Pre workout for women can be efficient but only for a short period, but what comes out to be the most important thing is the mental attitude.

Majority of the time it turns out that your mental state is the key factor in failing or succeeding.

Taking a bit of caffeine before your workout can have some good results. But I would suggest that pre workout for women is not necessary as the important element is having a right mindset.

6.Post Work Out for Women Good?

A post work out supplement you take after your workout.

And its core function is to let your body recover quickly so you can gain more strength and energy in a short time and therefore lets you continue training more intense.

A post workout for women is not necessary.

You can easily do this by eating a good meal after your training which has the right nutrition in it so that your body can recover in good and healthy manner.

Pre workout for women


So to conclude if pre workout for women is necessary or if other supplements are needed.

My answer is that if you want to get the most out of your workout then it is possible to add some supplements BUT it is absolutely not necessary.

In this article I have explained how you can do this in a natural way and save yourself from spending more money on expensive things.

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Marianne Schwartz

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Last Note: Supplements are not a replacement of your normal food.