Vegan Pita Sandwich with Tzatziki

By Marianne Schwartz | Recipes

Vegan Pita Sandwich with Tzatziki

Currently we eat a lot of meat: hamburgers, steak, taco’s you name it.

Sometimes for me personally I just want to eat no meat, which by itself is also good for your body.

On the other hand, I also don’t want to complicate the cooking process for myself, so I like to keep it simple.

If you also have this same thing, then you would love the following recipe. Vegan ‘Gyros’ with tzatziki.

You can eat this sandwich every week without getting bored.

Pita sandwiches don’t cost a lot and you can fill them with a lot of low-budget ingredients according to your own taste.

The most expensive product would be the natural soy yogurt, but you only need the half of it, so you can use the other half for something else.

Just to be clear we are not using gyros in this recipe, we will use kidney beans, onion and grilled paprika, something that will give you the very Greek feeling.

After eating this, you will convince yourself that you don’t need meat for everything.

What do you need for your Vegan Pita Sandwich with Tzatziki?

For the tzatziki:

  • 250 ml natural (unsweetened!) Soy yogurt
  • the juice of half a lemon
  • a small clove of garlic
  • 1 cucumber (grated)
  • pinch of salt
  • dried dill to taste
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 can of kidney beans
  • bell pepper according to your taste
  • pita breads (we use whole-wheat buns)
  • raw vegetables, such as spinach, lettuce, grated carrot, pickle (or anything else that you encounter in the fridge)

What should you do?

Bake First, according to the directions on the package, the pita breads –

  1. Mix the soy yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, dill and salt well.
  2. Grate the cucumber and press (with your hands) the moisture out. The ‘dry’ cucumber that remains, mix it with the soy yogurt.
  3. Cut the onion into thin half moons. Fry with oil in a frying pan.
  4. Add the kidney beans (without water) and fry. Add paprika according to your own taste.
  5. Fill the buns with bean mixture and add tzatziki as much as you want.