Walking for Weight Loss – Lose Weight Efficiently

By Marianne Schwartz | Weight Loss


Walking for Weight Loss

Can you lose weight by walking?

WALKING FOR WEIGHTLOSSYou might think that this is not very effective, right? Walking namely does not feel like a strenuous exercise.
Yet research has shown that when you walk a distance of 5 kilometers (at a brisk pace), you will burn the same amount of fat as if you would go running that same distance.

In this article I will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of walking for weight loss and what tips for getting the best results.

Lose weight by walking or running?

I myself had to get used to the idea that walking for a long distance is just as effective as running.

Yet there are many differences between walking and running.

Walking for Weight Loss – What You Should Know

These are some benefits to lose weight by walking versus running:

  • It is better for joints if you walk rather than run.
  • You can walk for a longer time than if you would run.
  • While walking you can be busy with other things. You can listen to music, enjoy your surroundings or chat with people or reflect/think.
  • Walking is cheap. For hiking you need to buy special clothing, but good walking shoes are still recommended.
  • Walking you can easily incorporate into your daily life. Leave the car alone and for short distances go for a walk.
  • Walking can be very soothing. For example, by walking through the forest you can rejuvenate yourself and recharge your batteries.

And these are the disadvantages of losing weight by walking versus running:

  • Walking takes more time than running, in order to achieve the same result.
  • With running you will get an athletic shape faster
  • Running improves your endurance and stamina faster.

Who should lose weight by walking suitable?

WALKING FOR WEIGHTLOSSSince there are more advantages than disadvantages to lose weight with walking, the choice is still very different for each person.

Losing weight by walking offers a solution for those who have difficulties or can’t play sports intensively.

Personally, I think walking is perfect for people who have had years of too little exercise and now want to be active.

In fact, I don’t recommend to go very intense right away if you have done nothing intensive for the past period.

Otherwise, you may find out that it is too hard for you and the risk of injuries is higher as well.

6 Tips to Get the Best Weight Loss Results by Walking

As with running, it is important to walk in the right manner, otherwise you will hardly notice any improvements.

Maintaining a firm pace is essential because it allows you to reach a certain intensity, allowing your body to almost burn twice as many calories in the same time as with a slow walking pace.

In addition, it is important to go for a walk often.

How do you know if you are walking at the right pace? And which things are more important to pay attention to?


Walking at a brisk pace and keep this speed. At a brisk pace, you could take at least 3 Miles in an hour.

2.Walking long enough

Pull enough time to stroll and walk long enough. You should walk at least 30 to 60 minutes before the desired effect takes place.

3.Stroll often

Walk at least four times a week, but more is better. Therefore, I recommend to actually go for a walk every day.

4.Good posture

Walk upright. Pull your shoulders back, chest out, keep your back straight and keep your head straight.

5.What for pace?

Make rather great long steps than several small steps per minute.


Watch your breath during walking. Inhale deeply through your nose and breathe from your belly. Don’t Underestimate the effects of proper breathing while walking.

When you mastered this habit, walking goes more faster and easier. When you are at this phase, I also recommend to slowly start with jogging a bit and build it up.

Is only walking enough to lose weight?

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