The 9 Benefits of Soup

By Marianne Schwartz | Healthy Living

9 Times The Benefits Healthy Soup

Soup is always a good choice!!

Whether it is a nice light vegetable soup in the spring, a cold gazpacho in the summer or a creamy pumpkin soup in the fall.

And on a cold winter, we naturally enjoy a good old soup!

The Real Benefits of Soup

I always enjoy making soup and when my friends come over, they are usually always stunned that they always get some soup.

In a way it shocked me to know that they didn’t know the benefits of soup. While the benefits of soup are so good,

I thought it a good reason to share my knowledge and explain all the benefits of soup.

benefits of soup1.Vegetables in a Soup

Soup is a very easy way to eat vegetables.

How many vegetables you eat over a bowl of soup is of course highly dependent on what you do in your soup.

A pan with 600 grams of vegetables on a liter of water for four people, you provide about 150 grams of vegetables.

Then you are already a long way for the recommended 250 grams.

2.Moisture of the Soup

With a cup of soup not only come easier to the recommended daily amount of vegetables: it also helps in keeping your hydration maintained.

A serving of soup has to be 250 milliliters.

At least one eighth of the 1.5 to 2 liters of water you need daily.

benefits of soup3.Soup Fills Your Stomach Good

One of the great advantages of soup is the satisfied effect.

Soup fills the stomach, which expands and sends signals to the satisfaction center in the brains.

Soup before meals makes you eat less, but also a meal of soup may well fill.

Soup with vegetables saturates more than a soup that is completely pureed.

This is highly dependent on the broth.

A watery broth gives you a full feeling less than a bound or thick soup that (part of) the ingredients are pureed.

4.Vitamin and Fibers in Your Soup

A soup where you processed the vegetables by yourself is full of fiber, the less you edit the vegetable, the more fiber.

In addition, vegetables are an important source of vitamins and minerals.

When cooking the soup there will be a loss of some vitamins and minerals, but there are also substances that gives cooking a better preference. Lycopene from tomatoes example, are way more healthier after cooking.

The same goes for beta-carotene in carrots.

5.Slim soup

Most soups are relatively low in fat, but this is true of course that you can make it as crazy as you want.

Cream, butter and fatty broth soup can also take a chunk of calories.

Make yourself a broth of, for example, chicken legs or beef parts.

Starch like potatoes, pasta and rice soup also give more calories!!!

For a cream soup you do not necessarily need potato. Zucchini, pumpkin and celeriac work just as well.

6.Be Careful With Salt in Your Soup

With a homemade soup you decide how much salt goes into it.

Usually you don’t need no salt: spices enrich the taste too.

Are you aware of the fact that many cubes are pretty salty, they sometimes contain 7 grams per liter.

Most of the salt can be found in ready-to-eat soups and instant soups.

7.Health Benefits

There are several studies on the benefits of soup.

Among other well-known to the pot chicken soup when you’re sick.

The soup strengthened according to various studies the resistance.

Also chicken soup seems to improve digestion and helps to restore your nasal membranes.

To prevent colds and flu, it is smarter to eat tomato soup.

The lycopene in tomato soup makes your immune system better.

In addition, regular soup eaters would suffer less from high cholesterol and obesity.

pumpkin-soup-1685574__3408.Diet Soup

Every day soup is not bad, but you should NOT go all soup.

Living on soup is not a good idea, that is too one-sided and does not provide all the necessary nutrients.

The same applies to the soup diet………

By only eat soup gonna lose weight quickly indeed, but that is temporary. Which gives you the yoyo effect.

9.Store Soup

When you prepare soup, you can often make a big pan.

A great idea because you can eat can the soup over several days!

It is important that you keep the soup well, otherwise it will quickly sour….

Let the soup cool down as quickly as possible and put it into the refrigerator only when it is really cold.

You had better not let the soup stay too long at room temperature and also to warm up several times is unwise.

In this way bacteria have free rein.

Portioning your fresh soup and cook only what you really need.

You can also store soup in small portions.

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